Social Media

Social Media
Credit: Matthew Gray - Author at graylink

The Different Types Of Social Media

Let's face it there is a lot of different places on the internet to connect with family, friends and co workers. The social media is also a great to make new friends from around the United States and all over the world. Some of the places that we usually find them is on places like Facebook, twitter and Google+ for an example. Even some of the businesses on the social media to stay in touch with their customers is through social media. The social media can be one the best tools on the internet for people when it is used properly. 

Connecting With Family And Friends

Whatever social site that you use, a person usually finds to see if family and friends are on that particular site, like Facebook. When they send them friends requests on there and once accepted they can stay in touch to see how they are doing and share pictures with each other. When people go online some of them enjoy seeing other friends and family updates and the pictures that they share. If they do not want everyone want to see a what you wrote to another person's timeline they are able to send them a personal message to ask them or share something personal in private.

Businesses Using Social Media

There are lots of businesses that uses the social media to keep in touch with their customers. They uses the social media to see if they are doing a great job or not. They love to hear from people to see where they can improve on their products or keep it like it is. They try to respond to everyone who leaves a post on their social media site. And if they receive a complaint on their page they try to resolve it or even message them on the site or ask them to email them to give them the full story on what had happen so the company can try to resolve the issue of the customer. 

News Media

The social media has also spread to the news media of news paper, television and radio media. When they have breaking news that they receive they usually place it on the social media site, whether if it is on Facebook, twitter or any place that they might be on, they for the most part they give a short lead on for what is going on, and gives a link to their website for the full story about the story that they has just been posted. 

My Experience On Social Media

My experience on the social media is pretty good. I am pretty much on majority of the sites that are on the internet. When I am on Facebook I like to keep in touch  with family and friends that are on there and like to share things with them. I also follow different businesses and other things also on Facebook. I do have actually two twitter accounts, one for promoting my published articles and the second one is to keep up on some of the things that I like to follow, like news media and some businesses. I am also on foursquare and yelp which are another couple of sites that I enjoy going on.