Devices To Use When Writing Articles

How do you write your articles for InfoBarrel?  There are so many devices you can use to write these days, I've become interested in people's personal preference.  Do you prefer to use a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, iPod, your cell phone, or maybe even pen and paper?  Here's a rundown of what I've used, and would like to hear the preferences of others.

I initially started writing all of my articles using my laptop, because I'm most comfortable typing on an actual keyboard.  I can also type a lot faster on a laptop, compared to a tablet or cell phone.  It's also very easy to save my work and submit it on the IB site.  One of the negatives is I don't necessarily want to take my laptop with me everywhere I go. There are plenty of opportunities to write throughout the day, but you become limited if you depend solely on your laptop or desktop computer.  Also, the battery on my laptop is awful.  I can use it for a good 45 minutes before the battery runs out, so I have to be near an outlet in case that happens.  I bought my laptop so I could use it anywhere in my house, but that’s not really possible anymore.  It constantly needs to be plugged in to the power supply.

I've tried writing a couple articles on my tablet, which is the iPad.  I quickly realized that this wasn't the option for me.  It took me a lot longer to write articles using the touch screen and I made a lot more errors.  It is easier to carry around, compared to my laptop.  However, my typing inefficiencies far outweigh the mobile benefits.

iPod Touch
I decided to give my iPod Touch a try, because I take it with me almost everywhere I go.  I downloaded a free Notepad app, which has worked out pretty well.  It's easier to write articles with. compared to a tablet, and also fits in my pocket.  The only downside is it's hard to insert links and upload to the IB site.  I end up emailing the articles to one of my email accounts, then edit and submit it using my laptop.

I plan on splitting up my writing between my laptop and iPod Touch. When I'm at home, I'll usually use my laptop, because I can type and submit articles faster and more efficiently,  When I'm not at home, I'll use my iPod Touch when I find opportunities to write.  I can take it with me anywhere, and am becoming better at using the Notepad app.  Now I'm able to get some writing done when I otherwise wouldn't.  So what do you use?  I'd love to hear other options that I or anyone else could incorporate when writing.