Usually when you're trying to determine if you want to embark on a career as a paralegal, it's helpful to know how the paralegal salary compares to salaries in various other professions. This article examines salaries of some other professions that individuals who are considering a paralegal job might also be interested in and analyzes those wages. As with any career or profession, salaries vary based on geographic location and also the type of facility you choose to work for; so this article looks only at the national averages.

Paralegals average generating a base salary of approximately $46,980. In addition to that base wage, it is very likely that paralegals may also earn an added bonus and overtime pay (about $6,000), which can make their salary considerably higher.

Teacher Earnings

Teacher salaries fluctuate based on whether the instructor is teaching within elementary or secondary education; and the kind of institution they are teaching in, by way of example, private schools versus public schools. High school teachers average the highest earnings at approximately $52,000 per year; while daycare center teachers merely average $28,000. Teachers at religious schools and those who teach special education earn lower than other comparable public school teachers, earning about $48,000 annually.

Teachers in New York state are the greatest wage earners, bringing in approximately $72,708. Massachusetts teachers earn on average $71,017; California teachers are next in line earning typically $69,434 per year; and New Jersey finishes off the top four states at $66,985/year.

Registered Nurse Wages

On average, registered nurses earn $63,750 annually. Once more, earnings vary greatly depending on location as well as type of facility worked in. What appears to be a big factor in determining salary is the a higher level of specialization. Here is the breakdown on how many incomes stack up based on service and state worked inside:


 * General Healthcare and Surgical Infirmary $67,290

 * Offices of Physicians $67,290

 * Outpatient Care Centers $65,690

 * Home Health Care $63,300

 * Nursing care facilities $59,320


 * California $85,080

 * Massachusetts$81,780

 * Hawaii $80,020

 * Maryland $76,330

 * New Jersey $74,990

Social Worker Salaries

The typical social worker may earn an income of about $54,667. Social workers can be employed in school settings or medical and general public health settings. Those invoved with medical and community health settings have a tendency to receive a higher salary.

As you can see, a paralegal salary can be compared with teacher and social worker salaries. Nonetheless, generally rns generate about $10,000 more per annum than paralegals.