We all know that almost everyone has a cell phone; however many people are unhappy with their current cell phone providers. Now you may be wondering how does Buzzirk Mobile differ from
regular cell phone plans? This is the question that seems to be on most people's minds; after all whenever something new comes out we all want to know how it can benefit us.

Well you are not alone if you have not yet heard about Buzzirk mobile; they have not yet become available to the public. In fact if you want to become a part of the company then you have to sign up with a current Buzzirk Mobile member. Now let me explain how this plan differs from the typical cell phone plan.

Buzzirk Mobile works in conjunction with the Zer01 technology which means that your cell phone coverage is going to be for unlimited usage. I know that you may be thinking that you have heard that before; however with the Zer01 technology it is going to change the way that we all use our cell phones.

The Zer01 technology is going to make your cell phone unbeatable. You will never have to worry about paying any type of hidden costs, taxes or any other types of fees. For less than $80 you can talk as long as you want; not to mention that the Buzzirk cell phones are going to offer so much more than talk time.

These phones are going to be working off of VOIP; which means that it is going to be using wireless data links to work the phones instead of the cellular voice links. This service will be sending voice as VOIP which will mean that you will get a fixed IP address to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You will not be using the standard cellular network; this is the reason that the service will be unlimited.

Not only are the benefits of the phones amazing but this company has made it possible to anyone to begin earning a full time income from home. Anyone can choose to become a member with Global Verge and begin marketing its Buzzirk Mobile products or home business opportunity and can begin making money.

Affiliates can choose to sell the mobile phone service and earn a residual income each and every month off of every cell phone service that you sell and that the customer keeps. You can also choose to sign up as a distributor and can begin promoting the Muli Level Marketing business and begin recruiting members to help you build your organization.

This company is expected to grow and add over a million new members in the next 12 months; this is one of the main reasons right now is the best time to become involved with them.