To have a successful Christian courtship, you need to have a new mindset and get ready to be married at any time. If you have a successful courtship, then it won't take long to enter the marriage phrase. It can take a long time being single before you will ever meet someone to engage in a Christian courtship with. By definition of Christian courtship, you are aiming for a perfect single shot, not multiple shots.

If you can verify that someone is truly suitable, and God's chosen based on careful discernment, and that he or she is interested too, then you should plan to marry that person within months, not years.

Dating, on the other hand, takes years because it is a numbers game. It's about kissing a few toads to find the true prince, or princess. By the time you find someone to marry, you have already broken several people's hearts, or vice versa. This is certainly not the way of biblical love and purity, and that is why you searched for this article.

To make it work, you have to have faith. You must believe God has the best in store for you. God rewards only those who have faith in Him and seek Him diligently (Hebrews 11:6). The wait can take more than the first half of your life, before a marriage will come. I am sure you already knew that, if you are searching on the Internet with the phrase "Christian Courtship". However, as soon as you are financially ready and spiritually mature, there will be no more reasons for God to make you wait any longer. God will bring that person into your life any time.

What determines whether you are ready?

1) Are you financially blessed or in debt? If you cannot manage the little things, how can God give you bigger things? (Luke 16:10)

2) Do you have enough faith to command the mountains in your life to move? If you are muddling through life when you are single, how can you manage it if one more person enters the picture?

3) Do you belong to an effective local church that is helping the poor, healing the sick, or teaching the Bible accurately? or do you belong to a church that follows human traditions, doctrines, and is all talk but no real fruit?

4) Do you have hidden sins that you cherish or couldn't conquer? You must have enough faith to experience the freedom that God promised us in the New Testament.

If any of your answers to above questions are negative, don't be disappointed. Many people have problems with one or more of the above areas, but acknowledging the problems is the crucial step to restoration and prosperity.

You may read a great book on this topic, probably the best there is, about Christian courtship, which is Before You Meet Prince Charming " by Sarah Mally and her siblings. If you still have doubts about the advantages of Christian courtship, this book covers many key points and encouragement for this practice.