beer(103861)Credit: Flickr ( by Tim Pearce, Los Gatos )People are constantly harking on about how alcohol is damaging towards our bodies, but did you know that those that suffer from high cholesterol levels can actually have some benefit from drinking alcohol in moderation? Let’s take a little look at this concept.

First we have to establish what is meant by ‘moderate drinking’ as of course will be different for each and every one of us. It is suggested that men drink two drinks a day, and women should be drinking one drink a day. If you don’t drink in moderation then you will actually have a damaging effect on your body, moderate drinking will reduce the chance of heart disease, but excess drinking will actually increase the risk of it occurring. Let’s take a little look at why alcohol can help affect our cholesterol levels in a positive way.

There are two types of cholesterol in our body, Low-Density lipoprotein, more often known as LDL. This is the type of cholesterol which will work to block your arteries, which of course will lead to higher blood pressure and of course lead to a heart attack. The second type of cholesterol is known as high-density lipoprotein, otherwise known as HDL. The job of this protein has benefits; it can help clear out those deposits of LDL in your body, which will of course reduce the risk of heart disease and other things caused by heart disease. Moderate Alcohol drinking doesn’t really reduce cholesterol; well it does, but indirectly. It will increase the HDL which will be going a long way towards making sure that your body is as clean as possible from cholesterol.

Although any alcohol will work fine on your body as long as it is drunk in moderation, many people find that alcohol such as wine or cider are best for the body as these contain a number of antioxidants which as you probably know will be incredibly beneficial to your body in the long run.

It is not recommended that you drink alcohol with the intention of lowering your cholesterol levels, there are better ways to do this. The reason is that alcohol consumption will actually contribute towards increasing the risks of some disease for example liver disease, cancer and sometimes heart disease, the very thing that you are looking to prevent against. Yes, it is fine to drink a little bit of alcohol every so often, but combine it with other things that can help lead towards a lowering of cholesterol, for example a healthy diet or even exercise.

As you can see, drinking alcohol in moderation can actually have a positive effect on your body. I suggest that you drink a moderate amount of alcohol a day and in turn you will be much better off because of it.