Amidst a plethora of 'other' websites that a user can choose to write for, InfoBarrel is among one of the better writing websites online. It offers writers the ability to submit their best content for fellow readers to peruse, comment on and share with other readers. Writers have the choice of either donating their earnings to charity or using them to build a passive income stream for themselves. This article will discuss the differences between InfoBarrel and a few of the other writing website platforms including Suite101 and Hubpages.

InfoBarrel Offers a Slightly Different Revenue Share System to Its Writers

While there are many other writing websites available for one to write on online, InfoBarrel is definitely one of the better ones to consider, especially if you are looking at making an income from your writing. They offer a 75% revenue share to their writers, which is among the highest percentages on offer for online writers. Hubpages comes in with a 60% revenue share of all advertising on a writer’s articles which is still relatively fair, but not as much as that being offered by InfoBarrel. Other writing websites like Suite101 operate their payment structure a little differently in that they state that they are unable to determine exactly how much or what percentage a writer earns from the advertising on their articles.

Each Writing Site Offers Different Structures for Their Referral Programs

Not every writing site offers referral programs. Other than InfoBarrel, another site which offers a referral program is Hubpages, which offers two different forms of referrals. For referring other users to Hubpages and having them sign up, you are entitled to receive 10% of the impressions that they receive on their Hubs. The only condition is that the person must sign up within 30 days of clicking on your referral link, or you won’t receive any earnings from them. Hubpages also offers what is known as a traffic referral program, which earns a writer anywhere between 9% and 12% of the total impressions on those hubs. InfoBarrel offers a 2% referral bonus to its writers. Suite101 offers no referral programs.

Where InfoBarrel's impression-based referral program incentive is less than HubPages 10% offering, InfoBarrel makes this up easily by offering an escalating/increasing arrangement which allows writers to go from 75% to 90% revenue share simply by submitting articles. This increase in revenue share is directly related to a point system that is tied into the word length and amount of content a writer published on InfoBarrel.

Google Panda’s Update

During 2011, Google’s Panda project helped to eliminate websites that contained nothing but duplicate content, content which was low quality and content which was spam or not related to the website which it was being hosted on. This helped to eliminate what was known as content farms online where people would upload multiple copies of duplicated content all over in the hope of getting site traffic. Google Panda has ensured that sites that are not original and that lack quality (as well as related) keyword content will be pushed to the lowest ranking spots in online search results.

How Google Panda Affected Writing Sites Like Hubpages

Before Google went on their web sweeping project, there were a lot of people who were using platforms like Hubpages to dump their duplicated content which was often of very poor quality. In the weeks preceding the Panda update, Hubpages, along with other sites, saw a significant drop in site traffic which also impacted writers’ earnings in a negative manner. This resulted in many writers leaving some of the writing sites like Hubpages because they felt that it was no longer economically viable continue producing content for them. A lot of other writing websites are still battling to recover from the impact that the Panda update has had on them.

Fortunately, InfoBarrel offers writers an industry-leading manual review quality control process. This mean that, for every new writer who joins InfoBarrel, they must have their first 10 articles undergo a screening process, for their first ten articles, by the owners of the website: Ryan McKenzie and Kevin Hinton. While this process has proved tedious and annoying by those who hope to have their content published quickly, long-term and serious writers have absolutely loved this quality control/assurance arrangement because it has kept high volumes of low quality content out of the website. This manual review screening process has served as a very effective tool by which both the quality of the website, as well as, writer's hard work and investments, have been safeguarded. Unfortunately, in an attempt to gain as much content as possible, other similar websites have succumbed to the temptation of overly fast growth by allowing the acceptance of non-screened content to be dumped onto the site.

InfoBarrel Has a Lot to Offer Writers Who Create High Quality Content

InfoBarrel makes it clear that they will only accept high quality content for publishing on their site. This is advantageous because it prevents the existing writers from being spammed about the latest get rich quick scheme (which we all know doesn’t work) or slimming preparations that promise overnight success. As mentioned, when a writer contributes their first few articles at InfoBarrel, they are assigned to a moderator who will first inspect them to ensure that they are offering high quality content to readers and to InfoBarrel. Once a writer can prove that they provide high quality content, they will reach a pre-approval status, which means they no longer have to wait for articles to be moderated before being published.

InfoBarrel Offers Regular Writers Contests

Never let it be said that writing content for InfoBarrel is boring. The staff members at InfoBarrel have come up with a variety of contests to encourage writers to produce top quality content. Various types of contests are offered on a monthly basis. Awards and prizes are given for anything ranging from accumulating the most points in a month on InfoBarrel to a writer that has the most referrals in a month. There are normally various prizes on offer, ranging from Amazon gift cards to increased Adsense sharing. The more effort a writer puts into these articles, the more chance they stand of winning the monthly contests. Articles have to be 100% on the competition topic in order to qualify for entry.

InfoBarrel Has One of the Most Amazing Writers Forums

One of the strengths of a writing website lies in their forums. InfoBarrel is known as a writing website that offers one of the most supportive forums online. Not only do they welcome the newcomers with open arms, but they are also there to help them with every step of the writing process. This ensures that there is a forum which is free from bickering and cattiness which is so often found in forums on other writing websites. Many writers have gone so far as leaving other writing websites to join InfoBarrel, because they receive far more support there.

In short, InfoBarrel is definitely one of the better writing websites online. They offer a range of features and a writing platform that is completely unique compared to other sites. Another added feature at InfoBarrel is the fact that writers can choose to donate their earnings to the Huntington Society of Canada, which assists sufferers of Huntington’s disease. If you are looking for the ideal place to showcase your quality article, InfoBarrel is definitely the place to do it.

....If you think that InfoBarrel is a place that you'd enjoy writing for, you can easily sign-up by joining here. While a website like InfoBarrel could get away with charging a small monthly fee to users to enjoy the high revenue sharing arrangement, and high quality control standards, believe it or not, InfoBarrel is absolute FREE to join.