As one of the current leading article submission, revenue sharing, website platforms available online today, Squidoo has solidified itself as a great place for anyone online (not just "writers", per se) to join and contribute content. With a variety of features, it's no wonder that Squidoo has grown at the rate that it has. After encountering their website nearly 2 years ago, I personally determined to write quite a few of their "lenses": the promise and possibility of great earnings was clearly there, and it simply wasn't an opportunity I felt I should let pass, by any means.

Unfortunately, along the way, Squidoo has experienced its own hardships and difficulties. While no website is essentially "perfect", we can learn alot about different websites by simply conducting thorough research and delving into their terms of service (TOS). Although still an avid fan of Squidoo's platform, my attention and focus has shifted from maintaining them as the primary website that I go to to host my content, for a variety of reasons. As this article becomes similar to my Info Barrel versus Squidoo Info Barrel article, you can see an expounded upon version of why I truly believe Info Barrel compares to Squidoo, and why, I believe, you should consider writing for Info Barrel. Even with Info Barrel ranking several thousands of places behind Squidoo, with each day, it is becoming clearer and clearer that Info Barrel's website platform addresses many of the shortcomings and deficiencies of some of the leading websites, that goes even beyond Squidoo.

My most crucial criticism of Squidoo, with regards to how it compares and relates to Info Barrel, is founded in the area of revenue share. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of Squidoo's revenue share model and payment distribution framework, I can't help but think that 90%+ of writers there probably don't even know how exactly revenue is shared. To say that it is confusingly complex, and dynamic, would be an understatement, and you can clearly see why some may register for their website with little understand of how this revenue is actually distributed. Info Barrel and Squidoo compare greatly when it comes to this arrangement with writers, and, not only is Info Barrel's arrangement less complex and confusing, but it is also more generous.

As both websites essentially have a business to run, it is definitely in their best interest to maximize profits in whatever ways they can. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more difficult because websites, with very competitive business models, are emerging that simply make more concessions to their end users. Those websites that give writers more are gradually emerging as leaders in this industry: a position that was once held by a very small handful of companies who had little to no competition and could give little to nothing in return for their hard working writers effort and content.

Rather than stop at Squidoo's 50% tiered payment structure, Info Barrel actually offer writers a baseline of 75% of revenue share (adsense, chitika, and Amazon) impressions. Even though 75% is the baseline of all earning's potential on Info Barrel, it is entirely possible to consistently earn 90% revenue share month after month as I, and others, have been doing. This arrangement provides incredible motivation to contribute content to Info Barrel, and is beginning to seriously make waves in this industry. While other websites intentionally embroil their websites in complexity, and flat out fail to be transparency, many are taking notice of Info Barrel because of their inherent platform functionality, responsive management, and generosity in revenue share.

When it comes to the community aspect of both Info Barrel and Squidoo, I would have to say, based on years of posting in excess of 1,000+ posts on both platform's forums, they are pretty even with regard to excitement and general interaction of users. Unfortunately, when it comes to registered users, at the time of this writing, there really isn't a way (quite yet) to know exactly how many users are registered on Info Barrel's forum, as opposed to the 1,500,000+ users that are registered on Squidoo's forum. There is definitely a big difference here, in terms of registered users, but, I would make the argument that Squidoo has simply been around longer. With time, event though their revenue share arrangement is weak at best, they have been able to solidify themselves quite well in this industry.

With each day that passes, however, we are beginning to see graphs and research that indicate that Info Barrel's competitive business model is beginning to seriously chip away at the userbases of some long-esteemed websites in this industry. Info Barrel is proving that there is certainly room for another formidable competitor to emerge in this industry. I would highly advise that you keep your eyes on them, and realize the outstanding growth they have been realizing, as of late. Info Barrel is truly beginning to make waves in an industry that is longing for more generosity and transparency.