Social bookmarking is the latest trend nowadays of the people on the internet. Some participate in social sites and social interactions without even knowing they are in the social bookmarking circle. To make people understand better what is social bookmarking, this article will attempt to explain how the social bookmarking world works.

Social bookmarking is practice of gathering information collected from the communities which socially interact online. This strategy is the new means of organizing and categorizing the information according to favourites or most frequently used terms. The social bookmarking method usually save addresses which are marked favorite by users in the web. These bookmarks serve as the exterior links of your personal page where when connected to the community via sharing and posts will reflect your favourites and thus can be used by the management to gather information and know how to approach you in selling their online products.

The basic thing about social bookmarking is interaction and endless data that comes in because people join the social network.   If you are wondering how it works, then let me demonstrate it with the following example:

There is this social site named It is a new site whose goal is to make people build their profiles, connect to other acquaintances and friends, share their personal posts, and let the people in their network critic their posts. Basically, the more the post gets critiqued and commented on, the more it reaches the top of the featured page. Once the post gets featured, it gets the bigger chance among the other posts to get viewed by visitors and the rest of the Digg users.

This same idea works for other social sites too, except others do have privacy options. But regardless still, whatever posts you share online, it gets public. Once it’s public, people will read it, copy it and reshare it to others to and basically it will be for public use.

Now that we understand that, where does the work of social bookmarking happen?

Unknowingly, the administration and the site manager do have all the record of the interactions which are exchanged during commenting, and critiquing of the posts. With that they will be able to measure and gather much data about a person with the way they interact and socially share something about them. Apart from their profile which people could fake, their personal ideas and opinions will still reflect during social interaction with that, the online marketers will know where to target, what to target and how to target a certain group of social community so that their products will make a hit to a social group.

Social bookmarking with Bookmarking Demon is the overall umbrella of the trade and transaction of data that happens in the online neighbourhood. It is the best strategy and best way to get to know people while just acting in the background. 

Thus, having finally understood how it works, it now your turn to go participate in the social community online get to know people better and share with them and finally use the information you get to benefit you.