Volunteering does not just benefit those you are helping it also has great benefits for you too.

Volunteering can make you feel good about yourself. It can give you a sense of meaning and purpose. A sense of achievement. Volunteering can be relaxing by giving you a break from your day to day life. Volunteering is also usually more time flexible than employed work so full-time parents can often become a volunteer even if they are unable to go to work. 

Volunteering Grows New Skills and Interests

Volunteering gives you new experiences. This can help you to learn new skills or develop ones you already have. This can not only make you feel a sense of achievement and help your confidence.  It can also help your career options if you are wanting to go back into work. Volunteering is especially important if you are starting out on a new career path or are thinking about changing career. This is because volunteering give you hands-on-experience. It can give you a real taste of what a specific career path would be like. It can help add experience and skills to your CV, which is especially important when you do not have employed experience in a field.

Volunteering can also help you find balance in life. This is because it can give you a break from your normal day to day routine. This can be important if you need to nurture the non-parent side of yourself. It can also allow you to spend time in an area that interests you or can help you discover new areas of interest. It can even help you find a new hobby.

Volunteering Helps Grow Your Social Life

In addition to helping you learn new skills and find new interests volunteering helps you to connect with other people. This may be on a large scale by helping you to connect with your community or with others on a person-to-person level. Through volunteering you can meet new people, find new friends and interact with people in a way that you would not normally do. This can help your social skills as well as being fun and giving you a sense of belonging. This social aspect of volunteering can also help you in your career by giving you a chance to build up new networks. All important if you are spending most of your time at home with the kids.

There are many websites available that give information about volunteering opportunities in your area and lots of different ways to volunteer. So take a look at what is available in your area and widen your horizons by becoming a volunteer.

Volunteering in Schools