How does a sump pump work? Most houses in the United States have basements and with the use of sump pumps, flooding will be prevented. As the soil gets soaked with rainwater, it can easily leak into the basement and can result in a lot of damage. Sump pumps are necessary in areas that experience a lot of flooding as well as to the houses that are built in low areas. In addition, they are also useful in basements as a precaution when disaster strikes.

It is best to know how a sump pump works in order to understand its importance. A sump pump is installed on a small hole in the basement, which is known as the sump pit or the sump hole. This hole is essential in catching water that comes in the basement.

The pump releases the water as it fills the sump pit using the numerous connected pipes. Sump pumps can drain directly to the outdoors or in the water drainage system of the house. This way, it keeps the basement dry and prevents it from becoming flooded.

A float is included in a sump pump, which activates the machine to operate. The sump pump float rises as the water fills up the sump pit and as the float reaches a certain elevation, the sump pump turns on automatically and starts to pump the water out of the pit.

Most of the time, sump pumps are connected to the main electrical system of the house but it is necessary for sump pumps to have a power backup. A lot of sump pumps use batteries for cars as power backups but if you do not want to have a battery in the basement, you can purchase a sump pump that derives its power from your home's water pressure.

It is essential to be sure to have a sump pump backup no matter what kind of backup power system you choose to use. These pumps are necessary especially during flooding and storms, and electricity usually goes out during these times. This is the reason why a backup power supply is important.

Many people make mistakes in using an undersized bucket for a sump pit because this is actually too small for the sump pump to work appropriately. If the sump pit does not have enough room, the sump pump float tends to get stuck. In order for the sump pump to work properly, it is recommended to have a sump pit that is at least eighteen inches in diameter and twenty-two inches deep.

A sump pump is an essential item in every home especially to those places that are prone to flooding. It is best to invest in a good quality sump pump to prevent expensive repair costs in the future. Basement flooding can cause a lot of damage to the floors and walls if there is no sump pump to push the water away. It is a fact that water in the basement that is left for a long time can cause heath problems because wet areas attract disease-carrying creatures.

Knowing how a sump pump work helps you to recognize its importance and gives you a reason to decide which sump pump is best for your home.