As obesity takes it's toll on millions of Americans, many are asking themselves: How does the Jenny Craig diet work. Unlike many of the other fad weight loss plans, this plan has been around for quite some time. Atkins, Cabbage Soup, and a whole slew of others have had their time in the spotlight, only to fade away. So what makes this plan different? How does the Jenny Craig Diet work? Let's take a quick look at the plan now.

With this plan, those looking to lose some weight will order pre-packaged food. This is how the Jenny Craig diet works. You will receive your meals delivered to your home. Some will be frozen, some do no require any sort of refrigeration. Basically, you will be sent portion controlled meals, which will teach you good eating habits, and help you lose weight. Of course with this plan there is still individual accountability. You will need to supplement with some food items from the grocery store. How does the Jenny Craig diet work? We're just getting started.

In addition to pre-packaged food, those using this plan will be able to get one on one counseling, which can really help. This is another way that the Jenny Craig Diet works. While most weight loss plans rely on the user to monitor their own calorie or fat intake, this plan takes out the need. With the addition of a one on one counselor, you have a great recipe for success.

How else does the Jenny Craig Diet work? Well, there are plenty of other ways, like homework. No, you're not going back to school, but there are some videos and workbooks that you need to use on your own. In addition, there are motivational tapes that you can play when you need some help.

Exercise is encouraged with the plan, and it's how the Jenny Craig diet works. Like any other weight loss plan, exercise is a key component. You'll burn more calories and kick your metabolism into gear.

It would be very logical to assume that the main benefit to the Jenny Craig diet is the teaching of portion control. This would be a key reason why is works. Over time, you will become accustomed to a smaller portion size, which will hopefully create habit. This wouldn't be a bad habit, it would be a good one.

Does the Jenny Craig Diet actually work? My sister in law, who swears the Jenny Craig Diet works wonders, says she spends less than $75.00 per week on food with the plan. She's lost plenty of weight, so I would say she's qualified to make claims that it does work.