The most logical and necessary questions about any diet program are "would it work for me?" and "how does it work?" Quite explicably, the same questions ought to be asked about Jenny Craig's diet program. From the experience of thousands of customers, JC's program does work, and works quite well at that.

Now, let's see how exactly it works. Jenny Craig's diet program too is just another weight loss program that has been designed to enable any individual to take control of his/her diet through easy to prepare (in fact there is no preparation needed at all!) and eat meals which are balanced considering all possible nutritional factors like calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals etc. in varying calorific levels from 1200 calories to around 2400 calories a day.

Jenny Craig's diet plan, unlike most other diets, doesn't ban any specific category of food items. The plan on the other hand advocates consumption of all types of food so as to have a diet consisting of adequate amounts of all proteins, carbs, fats etc. while ensuring that no specific item is consumed in excess.

Jenny Craig's program takes care of much needed variety in food items spread over lunch, breakfast, dinner and a couple of snacks so that the person undergoing the program stays interested enough to actually enjoy the experience. Weight loss is essentially achieved by cutting down on excess fats and carbohydrates, and increasing the efficiency of the metabolic system through regular exercise.

The Jenny Craig plan recommends gradually understanding the diet plans, and including changes in food items as per the nutritional requirements, so that one need not depend on the program forever, unlike most other diet programs, which encourage getting totally addicted to their instantly prepared diet meal plans. However, one can of course choose to stick to the JC diet.

Jenny Craig's program offers the unique facility of personally discussing your progress and issues with the counselors through their contact centers in various cities of the United States, thus making it easier to undergo the transition in dietary plans as well as beneficial lifestyle changes.

The counselors also offer advice about the food items that can be consumed safely at restaurants etc. where using their diet food is not possible. The support staff is quite helpful the face to face personal attention is perhaps the single most important advantage over other diet programs like NutriSystem.