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Today, coffee is one of the most popular beverages sipped from breakfast to dusk. But, did you know that coffee in its purest form has slimming effects? Actually, this trend is not something new. By now, a lot of slimming coffee products are available in the market. So, what exactly is the rationale behind the slogan “coffee for weight loss”? Through this article, you will discover another product that would help you get your ideal weight. But, remember drinking coffee has some risks especially in excessive amounts. Hence, this article will also tackle important limitations of using coffee in losing weight.

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Weight Loss Effects of Coffee

There are three scientific explanations on how coffee aids in weight loss. First is its appetite suppressant effect. Although this concept is quite debatable, it is still an observable fact that most people prefer drinking black coffee alone than with meals. Avid coffee drinkers may have already noticed this effect especially when they’re in a rush. However, this option is inconclusive. Remember, to lose weight, long-term practice of this scenario should religiously be done. This habit is actually unhealthy and not advisable. But, if you want to lower your food intake, you can use this option if you’re craving for some snacks.

The second is due to its stimulating effects. Coffee is obviously used to stimulate your minds after waking-up or when you feel sluggish and sleep is not an option. This effect will increase your metabolism and at the same time boost your energy. As you know in every weight loss program, calories and metabolism play a vital role. As an energy booster, coffee can help you burn more calories. However, this effect is only short-term. So, you cannot rely on it to give you the greatest weight loss effects.

Third but not actually helpful is its diuretic effects which results in loss of water weight. This effect is factual since you’ll find yourself going to the bathroom more often when you drink coffee. The problem is water weight is not a part of any weight loss program. Water is imperative for the body to work properly. So, you might want to increase your water intake when drinking coffee to avoid dehydration.

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As mentioned earlier, only the purest form of coffee can aid in weight loss. Primarily because additives such as sweeteners, creamers and milk increase its calories. Remember, the effects of coffee on reducing weight is minimal. Increasing its calories would make it fattening instead of being a slimming agent. But, you can still use low-calorie sugar and milk if you don’t like its bitter taste. Plus, coffee cannot offer you miraculous effects. You have to increase your physical activities and cut down your calorie intake to get successful results.

So, when is drinking coffee too much? Because of its caffeine contents, coffee in excessive amounts causes sleepless nights, nervousness, increase in blood pressure and many more discomforts. Although these side-effects are minor, you can’t take it for granted because it is still abnormal and unhealthy. For that reason, it is strongly advised to only consume the recommended dose of caffeine which is 200 to 300 mg or 2 to 4 cups  a day. With that, always remember that coffee can only aid weight loss. It cannot produce efficient effects alone. 

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