A fine backlink site for Infobarrel articles

Redgage is an article site that can be useful to Infobarrel authors. The site allows easy links to content via their upload facility. An Infobarrel article URL can be entered in Redgage. A few tags can be entered with it. The real help, however, is the new description. This is a single line of about 200 characters that you can use to highlight your Infobarrel article. The links established at Redgage are "Follow" which makes them much more useful than the alternative "Nofollow" type used at so many web sites today. Infobarrel also has "Follow" links, for your information.

When your link is added to Redgage, viewers on that site can see your reference and can click over to read your Infobarrel content. Each time they view your link, you get a page view counted towards your total. When you reach 1000 page views, you earn $0.60. Viewers are also shown advertising on each page. If they should click on a displayed ad, you receive no revenue for the event. Your monetary value for your links is only for total page views. This is still a useful concept. Your page link on Redgage will generate a few cents when people view it. They then will often surf over to your Infobarrel article. Once there, they may click on displayed ads. You do get revenue for those actions, of course. The revenue payment method for Redgage is unusual. They currently send you a prepaid Visa card loaded with your payment amount. There is a small handling fee for this card. There is no other payment facility offered by the site operators although many people have requested that PayPal or a similar service should be established.

Redgage also has a friend facility. Users meet other people and issue friend requests. Unlike other friendship events, there is actually only a very loose connection made between members. As a result, everyone is very willing to befriend everyone else. This is a good way to establish your Redgage account. You can see the names of members who post links or articles. You can send a friend request. When the other person accepts your request, your new friendship status is shown on the main Redgage activity board. This encourages others to review your material and befriend you. Each time you login to Redgage, you should spend a few minutes finding people to befriend. You can look at the friends of your friends and befriend them. You can add 10 or more in a few minutes. These people will accept your requests. Their friends will see the new relationships and request that you become their friends as well. Through these actions, many people get hundreds of friends on Redgage within a few months of joining the site. Many of these people will review your material. Since you get paid for all page views, it can help if you have a lot of friends and they check your content. Many of these people may also surf over to your Infobarrel articles which is a further benefit.

There are many people who have accumulated very high revenue amounts with Redgage. Each user's revenue total is shown with their profile details. You can check out the details to see how many friends they have, how much content they have posted and compare it to their revenue total.  Usually, the people with the highest revenue have the most friends and a great deal of content. There is a facility on Redgage for referring other users. As is the normal case, you receive a small revenue boost should your referred user generate monies.

Redgage is a pagerank 3 Internet site, just like Infobarrel. They have attained this rank even though their site is at Alexa position 11,900, (Infobarrel is 4700). As such, it will provide a good page boost to your Infobarrel article. When used in conjunction with another higher ranked link such as Squidoo or Hubpages, your article should get an improvement in its search engine results placement. If in the future Redgage should improve in the pagerank standings, your backlink from the site to your Infobarrel article will also improve. Each time you publish an Infobarrel article, you should take a few moments to login to Redgage to establish a backlink. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to do so. After that, you should spend a few minutes responding to your friend requests and generating a few more as well.

A popular method of improving the ranking of your Infobarrel articles typically involve creating a number of backlink posts on other web sites. Given that Redgage is a pagerank 3 site which provides an easy mechanism for such links, it should be one of the first backlink sites that you use. You can also earn a little revenue with the site as well which is a big plus.

In addition to your Infobarrel backlink on Redgage, you may want to contribute photographs. It is very easy to upload them. If you do, you should ensure that they are named to reflect the subject matter. Using the standard filename given by the camera means that you are missing out on an opportunity to have high ranking tags on your photographs. You do get the facility for adding tags as well but the filename is rated as high importance by search engines. If you have interesting photographs, you will find that many people view them and make helpful comments. This will help to increase traffic to your photos. The viewers may then view your other content and possibly surf over to your Infobarrel article. It also positions your Redgage account as a good content provider rather than just a backlink vehicle.

Based on your content, you may find that Redgage is effective for backlinks. The extra revenue that it gives you could be a nice bonus. A recent study of backlinks to Infobarrel articles showed that they resulted in a small number of viewers coming over from Redgage. There was also a boost in the search engine ranking of the Infobarrel articles. In some cases, the Redgage backlink ranked higher in the search results than the target article. This would tend to support the idea that it is effective to use Redgage for backlinks. At the very least, it is easy to set up a backlink on the site. For that reason, it should be automatic for Infobarrel users to set up a quick Redgage link for every article posted on Infobarrel.