How Emotional Infidelity Works

Emotional infidelity

is something that sort of sneaks up on you. For this reason, you need to be careful when dealing with the opposite sex. This is especially true if you're going through a tough time in your current relationship. Spending time on the phone or with a person of the opposite sex and disclosing intimate details of your relationship should be a no, no. That is, unless the person is gay and has no interest in you.

When you do this you open your heart to another person and feelings tend to get mixed up. So, it is unwise and can lead to emotional infidelity. You may be at a point in your relationship where you don't feel like you can talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend and have to talk to someone. This is normal, but it needs to be a person of the same sex.

Many people think it's cool to talk in chat rooms online and that it's okay, it's like a fantasy person. Did you know this can be even worse? Then you really let your guard down and end up wanting to talk to them everyday online to get your emotional needs met. When you do this you have slipped over into emotional infidelity.

Once you start it will very difficult to break away, since now they are the only one who understands and comforts you. Do you see where this is going? You will start to anticipate time with your 'friend' more and more. Then you will begin to withdraw from your partner. What has happened is that you have transferred feelings from one person to the next similar to a rebound relationship.

Emotional infidelity is subtle and people get hurt. Sometimes it's all three of you or if the other person has a partner, then there are four lives tangled in the web. Worse yet, is when there are kids involved and the family is torn apart due to emotional infidelity.

To keep this from happening, as mentioned above, avoid opposite sex counsel unless it's a professional therapist. Also, spend more time with your partner and be sure to have open honest communication. To resolve conflict you must talk and be on the up and up.

Do not allow emotional infidelity to get started or it can destroy your relationship. Only discuss intimate details or secrets with a good friend that is of the same sex. A qualified therapist is your best option or possibly a pastor.

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