Social networks have become a common meeting place for friends. When we recall, people used to go and sit in front of trees or restaurants for chatting or for expressing their love.  They were connected with a few people in their local areas and got limited time to share their words. But today, fast growing technologies and internet have enabled people to connect themselves through social networks. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter allow people to get friends from anywhere and chat anytime. Some days back, the social networking site Facebook even could save the life of Mr. Peter Ball, an old school friend of a surgeon from the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend through a status update.

Diagnosis from status update

Mr.Peter Ball was having stomach pain. He didn’t give much care to it thinking that it would be a muscle pull. Slowly it became worst and he was taken to bed.  As he had the habit of posting updates of his status in Facebook, this time too he posted the picture of an old man walking on his legs as his status. Seeing this, his friend Mr. Rahul Velineni from Bridgend sent a message to call him up as he required the immediate attention of a doctor to get a check for appendicitis. The surgeon had diagnosed it just from his status update.

Mr. Peter awakened at half past three in the morning due to severe pain and saw the message of Mr. Rahul. The message hit his home with such a force showing how important it was to consult a doctor. Deciding not to disturb his friend in the early hours, Mr. Ball went to his general practitioner and from there he was referred to Macclesfield General Hospital. The doctors found that the appendix had got ruptured and was advised to undergo surgery immediately.  He got his appendix removed that night 7.30.  

Mr. Peter Ball felt relieved and after coming back home, he didn’t forget to phone his friend and thanked him for giving him the right advice on time.  He had no words to show his gratitude towards him except for a few words of owing his friend some drinks for this.  Mr. Rahul also was happy that he could save his friend by diagnosing his update status on Facebook.  He remained humble and modest by telling that the doctors in the operation theatre had saved his friend’s life.