Recently Facebook decided it was enough with the comment button. When you aren't familiar with Facebook a small explanation:

Facebook is a social networking site where you can be friends with people you know and where you can share whatever you are doing, thouhts and pictures. This is only a small and quick description about Facebook, because you can also add events, make pages about certain things and comment on each others pictures/status updates/whatever. And that is what I would like to talk about.

First, when you were typing your comment you were typing the thing and you had to grab your mouse again and click on the comment button. A more tech-savvy person would probably just hit 'tab-enter' which results in the same thing. Anyway, you had to press the comment/share/ button manually.

From a certain standpoint (the standpoint of a lifehacker, who is trying to make everything in his life smoother and faster) this is a crazy thing. Having to grab your mouse again is really a pain in the ass. Because the movement of your hand needs a complete different coördination, which results in the need of changeing what your brain does which leads to more wasted time.

Clearly, the people at Facebook noticed that before. Cause what they did was actually delete the comment button. Instead of that button there is now a small text saying 'hit enter to post your comment'. I believe this has a big, really big impact. That is for two reasons: 1) Not tech-savvy people will be working smarter soon as well and 2) Facebook is changing the way people work

Not tech-savvy people will be working smarter as well

In my life I have been amazed a lot of times seeing people grabbing their mouse to press 'enter' somewhere, whether it is on an online messenger or on something else. Buttons like submit, send or reply are used so much by pressing on it with a click of the mouse I am actually impressed. This number will definitly be reduced when people discover the ease of use when you just hit enter. And Facebook is forcing people to do so. When people realize this is possible (and obligate) on Facebook, they probably realize this is possible on other platforms as well, right? I mean, your parents are on Facebook, but they are exactly the people who click buttons instead of using the enter button right?

Facebook is changing the way people work

Facebook has a lot of people put away somewhere in offices, coding all day. They have the smartest, most tech-savvy people in the world working in their offices on a computer all day. Of course they will come with ways to work smarter. But the awesome thing is they find ways to introduce this to the big audience. I mean, there isn't really a reason to delete the comment button right? Why would they? Just to change the way people work? Interesting right?

To conclude, this small change can have a big impact on the way people work on their computer. And this will result in more effectiveness, more productivity! Pretty amazing. By the way, if you want to have an actual space between pieces of text, just hit shift-enter and you will be good to go!