Federal bail bonds are slightly different to normal state or county bail bonds, but that doesn't mean you need to be intimidated by them. In general, they are very similar, but there are two major differences that you should know before you embark on the process, just to make things smoother and simpler.

The first main difference is the premium that you have to pay in order to begin the bail bonds process. You need to pay an initial sum of 15% of the full bail bond amount, this is because of the extra work that the bail bond agency has to do and also the extra risk they are taking by dealing with the federal bail bonds process. Some agencies will allow you to arrange a short term loan to cover this amount if you can't afford to pay it straight away, but this will be decided on a case by case basis and you should expect to have to pay that amount.

The second main difference is when it comes to collateral. You need to, as usual, provide collateral to cover the rest of the bail bond, but with federal bail bonds, you'll need to attend a nebia hearing. This hearing will be to ensure that you do have the necessary collateral to cover the cost of the bond, and once completed, the rest of the process can be finalized.

As you can see, federal bail bonds don't have to be incredibly painful for you to get through the process. There are only a couple of minor difference between them and normal bail bonds, so why should you be worried about them so much? Granted, it's possible there will be more work involved, but that work will go straight to the bail bond agency, not you! Remember, when you hire a good bail bond agency, you are hiring them to handle the application; you shouldn't have to deal with very much at all.

Federal bail bonds involve large amounts of money, so it's only natural that people are going to be wary about them. In fact, most bail bond agencies are very wary about them, so it's really nothing to be ashamed of. That being said, if you accept that they really aren't that different from standard bail bonds, suddenly everything seems much simpler, and you'll be able to get through the process with minimal fuss or hassle.

If you choose a bail bond agency that has a specialist team to handle federal bail bonds, you shouldn't have any problems. They will be able to handle the majority of the workload, and you should just be able to relax while they get the job done. If you don't choose a good agency, you're going to end up with a whole multitude of problems and lots of issues that you won't necessarily be able to deal with, so make sure you take your time with the initial decision.