Global warming

Recent studies have revealed that Global warming could have far wider repercussion than what was previously believed. A surge in temperature levels of the earth can potentially make our future generations shorter. This ominous warning has been issued by a group of scientists who claim to have found conclusive evidence that global warming was the actual cause behind the very first generation of horses on earth, to shrink in size.

This group of scientists hailing from the University of Florida and Nebraska asserted that they have found irrefutable connection between the earth’s temperature levels and the corresponding size of mammal population, horses for this instance. For this exercise the scientists studied fossils to trace the evolution of horses from their earliest appearance nearly 56 million years ago.

The team found that as temperature levels soared consequently the size of the horses decreased, and vice versa. At one point of time there sizes actually became as puny as a housecat. Scientists feel that in the current scenario where the temperature of the earth is continuously going north, global warming could potentially have the same catastrophic effect on mammals and even can have the same debilitating effect on human beings also.

Scientists found in their study that even the first generation of horses, as compared to today where small in size about the size of a small dog, much like a miniature schnauzer. What actually amazed the scientists that with passage of time their sizes progressively decreased followed by a sudden and dramatic spurt in growth. This strange growth pattern actually coincided with the first global warming event which was subsequently followed by a massive cooling down event when the spurt in growth was seen.

The scientists said, while speaking to the press that, that even though the puny size of the mammals during that period was a well-established fact , but this is the first time clear evidence has emerged which suggests that the earth’s temperature was actually the driving force behind this evolutionary patterns.

The earliest known horse is known by the name Sifruhipus which appeared during a period known as Palocene Eocene Thermal Maximum . This was a period when there was major rise in the earth’s temperature which nearly lasted for 175,0000 years. Carbon monoxide levels soared which resulted in a staggering rise of temperature anywhere between 10 to degrees.  Scientists studied the evolution of Sifrihipus which shrank from being a 15 pound animal to 8.5 pounds in a period of 130,000 years and then subsequently  grew back to 15 pounds in the next forty five thousand years or so.

If this study proves to be conclusive, then it should be another ominous sign that the world leaders must not ignore and redouble their efforts to curtail this growing menace