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How to increase Adsense earning

My Adsense earning

In this page, I just would like to share what I did to increase my Google Adsense earning to be able to support my basic daily expense. Basic expenses here are referring to basic needs such as foods and transportation, without spending my day job earning. I took around three to four months before seeing inflow of significant income to my Adsense account. I had spent lots of time doing research on the Internet reading tips and guide. Lets me share the tips here to help you to save time doing research like myself, some of the basic tips as below

a) Write and publish only quality contents. Readers will come back to your blog, write what people like to read such as tips, how to or reviews on places, foods or anything.

b) Write content on subjects that interest you. Take this as your business; you must passionate on what you are doing. Remember only momentum will keeps you going faster and faster like rocket.

c) Increase visitors to read your contents. There are many ways to promote your website, I urge you to use the power of social networking sites to drives crazy traffic to your contents. Example, place a Facebook and Twitter page on your website; so that people could subscribe and come back again. Other than free one, if you seriously consider about driving traffic; you can always buy traffic and website back links to your website.

d) Write on many sites to leverage earning. Personally, I write on two Adsense revenue sharing sites and six niche websites that display advertisements all time

e) Select high Cost per Click (CPC) by using Google Adwords. High paying keywords will brings you more money to your Adsense account. Yes, more money!

I still found Infobarrel still among the top contributor to my Google Adsense earning. I found this Adsense revenue sharing site is among the best with the 75% of Adsense profit sharing. You should also consider writing here with more quality articles other than maintaining your own websites.

Hope these little tips will be able to motivate you to continue with your Adsense journey. Feel free to comment and share your tips too.