Plastic Mountain (22780)Have you ever wondered how people stayed hydrated before the plastic, disposable water bottle became ubiquitous? I mean, think about it. People had to drink from public water fountains or even just get a glassful from the faucet! How inconvenient!

So yes, now it is indeed more convenient, in a sense. Grab some plastic bottles at the grocery store, stack them up in the pantry. Take one or two with you in the car. How in the world did people drink water in the car before the water bottle? Or maybe they just, you know, drove and paid attention to the road? That's crazy.

Of course, the main problem with all of this modern convenience isn't just that crotchety old grumps like me like to complain about it. It's the plastic. And one of the main sources of the plastic that is filling our landfills is the water bottle! Compared to tap water, the environment takes a tremendous beating for the sake of our convenience. And it really isn't that convenient! Think about it -- instead of drinking from faucets and fountains which are all around us, we visit a vending machine or convenience store and PAY for water! How in the world did the entire world become convinced that paying for water in plastic bottles which leach chemicals into our bloodstreams was a good idea?

I'm glad you asked. This lady explains it pretty well in my opinion:

The Story of Bottled Water

So how do you fix this? The beverage industry is just beginning to dip their toes into the water (hah!) of recycling. They just follow the money and the demand. And that's where we come in, we the consumers. We have to take the lead on this. Assuming you don't want to just stop drinking water, and assuming you want to retain as much convenience as possible, may I suggest the drink bottle? There are many eco-friendly brands around like Klean Kanteen and Sigg. Lightweight aluminum and stainless steel bottles last almost forever, but unlike plastic they are easily recycled if you need to. Some even have built-in filters which allow you to grab water from any public faucet or stream or river. The filters are that good!

So how's that for convenient? Once you have your own bottle, you don't have to load up your grocery cart with those heavy plastic bottles. And you can take your drink bottle everywhere with you. Convenient, environmentally friendly, and cheaper. What's not to like?