Tea is known to be available in a large variety of flavours, as well as have many health benefits associated with drinking it. Some people may drink tea because they love the taste, and others may drink it because they appreciate the health benefits that come from drinking it; I personally enjoy drinking tea for both reasons. Within the past few years there were strong statements being made that drinking green tea will help you lose weight; I have never doubted the truth in these statements, but was merely curious as to the degree that green tea helps you lose weight, or more importantly the significance of its effects. After digging through the library and reading multiple books on health and nutrition, I came stumbling upon a conclusion; read on to find out about my discovery.

In order to come to a conclusion I had to first find out an exact caloric figure of how much green tea helps you burn fat; I would then have to compare that number to an overall caloric figure for weight loss. Once these two numbers were compared, I could actually see how significant the effects were.

After reading through about 6 books on the subject, I found that all of the studies provided roughly the same results. They have all concluded that if an individual were to drink a cup of green tea 4-5 times per day, they would burn off an extra 65-75 calories on a daily basis. These calories are burned through an effect that is known as Thermogenisis; Thermogenisis can be defined as the heat production process in organisms

On average, when an individual is trying to lose weight through nutrition, they attempt to put their body into a daily caloric deficit of roughly 500-1000 calories; this roughly translates into the loss of 1-2 pounds of fat per week. When this 500-1000 calorie per day figure is compared to the 65-75 calorie figure stated in the first paragraph a conclusion is found: drinking 4-5 cups of green tea per day will allow the body to burn an average of 7-14% more calories.

Now comes the question of significance: is 7-14% more calories a significant number? Will these 4-5 cups daily really make a difference? The answer is simple...it will not make a difference over a short period of time, but if used effectively over a long period of time it will definitely make a difference. For example, an individual that drinks green tea for one week will burn off an extra 500 calories roughly; that translates to 1/7th of a pound, or "barely anything". However, if that same person were to drink green tea everyday for 6 months, an extra 12600 calories will be burned off, that translates into roughly 4 pounds!

This article is in no way trying to prove that drinking green tea will help you lose inches off of your waist on a weekly basis; however, with the above information in mind it is safe to say that green tea should definitely be the beverage of choice for anybody trying to lose weight through nutrition. Take into account that this article also only addresses the weight loss benefits that are scientifically proven; there are many more speculations that are waiting on results, such as its ability to stimulate metabolism and block fat absorption! It is easy to see that anybody on a nutritional weight loss journey should incorporate at least a few cups of green tea into their daily diet because of its positive effects that it has on weight loss.

Note: The above figures and ideas are assuming that the individual is consuming a basic green tea bag with a cup of boiling water UNSWEETENED. The above figures do not hold true when sugar or honey are added to the tea.