Yep, my family is happily going off on a 10 day cruise this year, compliments of grocery coupons. I know most of you will find it hard to believe that the humble cents-off grocery discount coupon could be responsible for such a wonderful possibility as a full fledged vacation for my whole family but they are.

You may be surprised to learn that cents-off coupons are not worth cents, but rather large numbers of dollar bills. Dollar bills soon become hundreds of dollars and then thousands with regular coupon use. And those thousands of dollars the grocery industry has so graciously given me? Well, they have become my dream vacation of the year. I say of the year because, I love to travel and have now found a way to finance my addiction without any guilt whatsoever.

So how, exactly, did I come to save thousands of dollars this year and be able to finance my vacation? With three major concepts that have made all the difference for me and my family.

First, I made making coupon shopping something I looked forward to and enjoy immensely. It really is all about mindset. If you think you can, you can. If you think you will fail, you will and already have. Your mind set is everything and will either make or break your efforts. I very simply refused failure and knew every week that I was closer to my overall goals. I saw the progress every week and was eager to get to the point where I could book my trip. Eventually, it became a matter of time when I would succeed rather than if I would succeed.

Second, I focused on finding high face value coupons and getting them for free. Why? The two reasons for this strategy are most important. High face value supermarket coupons make your savings add up more quickly for your efforts, while free coupons maximize your savings because there is no investment what so ever. Now, do not get me wrong, any coupon will save you money, so do not turn down any amount of savings. If you want to see faster inroads to your goals, then focus your strategy on high face value offers and you will get there more quickly.

Third, use double coupon stores to max your savings. While their prices may be higher than average overall, you won't care because everything in your cart should have a double coupon anyway. Be selective with your purchases and never buy anything if the price is not a true bargain.

What are you waiting for? You can do it too. These are the three coupon shopping secrets I used to get my free vacation in only ten short months. What could you do if you set your mind to it? Dream big, your choices are virtually limitless.

Here are a couple of free grocery coupon resources to get you started. Get yourfree printable grocery coupons and get started saving today.