Why guest posting needs to be of top quality

The problem with guest posting is that you can never be sure how long your article is going to remain on your chosen blog. However, if you have put all the effort into an article, either by spending time on it, or by going to a good writing service, you can be confident that it will be safe.

If you think about it, you won't want horrible posts on your PR3 blog which people have seen time and time again. People who don't have time to write on their blog, will advertise and get free content, but what is the point if the content is going to pull your site down. However, if you put some effort into it, you can find some folk who will be willing to send you some good quality free content.

I have a surfing site and some time ago, I realized it was just taking up too much of my time, so I advertised for guest posts. I thought I would get something which my readers would get a lot of use out of, but anyone could suck those sorts of articles out of their thumb. If you have a blog and someone sends you a post, which is horrid, complete with dozens of links all over the place, just send it back. Sometimes you may be tempted to simply fill up your blog with more material, but in this case, rather stick to the good old motto, "less is more". Quality rather than quantity - right!

The reason for link building is to get the word out that you exist. You are promoting your site, in an effort that the reader will want to link back. You should see these links as adverts. How are you going to make them more attractive in order for the reader to click on them. You can use a lot of pretty colors and designs, highlighting your hyperlink, but that is not going to work. It is, in fact the words around it, that should tempt the reader into finding out more about the subject matter. They should be saying, "Hey, that sounds good, now I'm curious!"

guest post

However, if you start off with a poorly written introduction and go onto a couple more paragraphs that is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, then your article is not going to last very long, unless the webmaster doesn't care about their site. Usually it would be deleted straight away.

Don't always think of a guest post as just another link. This is as important as your main content. It should just be an extension of the main topic. A lot of people just write around the keyword, thinking about the first thing that comes to them, using fillers and a basically a lot of fluff.. Don't do it!

If you respect a site or a blog that you are going to submit content to, they will respect your article.

Don't give up on your business!

It was simple to make money online a couple of years ago. All you had to do, was to get a couple of sites up and running, put a few  posts on your blogs and slap on Adsense. Then you could start going crazy with links and before you knew it, the money would start to roll in.

Things have obviously got a lot more tough since Google tightened the screws. A lot of people have gone back to their "real" jobs. However, I think internet marketers actually think this is a blessing in disguise. Think about it - you are now forced to update your sites and blogs. Now you, as a webmaster can really be proud of your work. When you search for something, you are more likely to find it than you were back when there was so much spam floating around.

A challenge is never a bad thing and internet marketers and online business owners were definitely challenged in a big way when they were hit by Penguin and Panda. Do you want to arrive at a website which is not relevant to what you are searching for. This is frustrating. It just means that you have to change things around. You know what that means. You need to have good quality content, which is not stuffed with keywords and links.


This is your chance to really improve your business. So many people have left this industry since Google started to shift the algorithms around. That means if you hang around, you are going to be benefiting that much more. Who wants to go to a restaurant where you can clearly see that the owner just doesn't care about his business. The same must go for you and your online business. Most people just see this as another site and the love is not there. Visitors are not going to return in a case like this.

A massive tsunami and an even bigger earthquake hit Japan. Businesses were lost, but the Japanese are picking themselves up again and slowly building their businesses back to where they were. Don't' let something like Panda or Penguin get in your way. That is nothing compared to a big natural disaster like that.