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More people each day are using dating websites to spice up their love life. These sites do not have the same reputation they had when they were first getting started so now they attract all types of users. Today as people are busier they are looking for a way to meet someone that is more efficient than the bar scene, so looking for someone to go out with or even someone to share their life with. But having a profile does not necessarily guarantee success when looking to get more dates. There are some things that you need to get attention from the opposite sex, and here are a few of those tips.


Guys have a few advantages when using dating websites with the first one being that there are more women on dating sites than there are men. A few recent polls have discovered that somewhere between 60 to 70 percent of active profiles belong to women. You also do not have to worry about loud music or some other guy talking over you trying to get her attention because when she is reading your messages you have all of her attention.

You can also get a lot of information from a woman’s profile to see if you are actually interested in the same things. The more things that you have in common the more likely it will be that you will have a good and memorable conversation. Finally you can check as many profiles as you would like and be as selective as you want. You get to decide who you want to email and they can decide who to reply to.

Use A Picture

Do not use this picture on your profileCredit: Daniel Arsenault

A picture is a great way to bring attention to your profile in a dating website. Profiles with a picture are 7 times more likely to be seen when compared to those without them. They are popular in searches not only because the people looking at the profiles want to see if there is an attraction, but also because they want to see how real the person on the other end is. Without a picture you could tell anyone that you look like Brad or Angelina, but in reality you never know.

Also consider that there have been many stories about people meeting someone they thought was someone else. A picture is a small insurance policy that makes the other person feel at ease with the idea of meeting a stranger, because after you see a picture the person becomes a little less of a stranger.

You need a clear picture and you should at least have one that shows your face, but it should not be the only one. Let her know what you like with some pictures of you doing the things that you love to do.

Your Profile

Your dating profile

You need to spend some time creating your profile from the headline to your overall description. Think of a short headline and try to use creativity (do not just say “looking for a girl”). Say something memorable that will make her want to read your profile.

When it is time to describe yourself try to stay creative and think of something not too long, but not too short either. Something around 200 to 300 words is more than enough. Mix seriousness with a few funny lines because this is not a job application, it is a personality profile. Women do love a sense of humor but they do not want you to use her as an audience for a professional comedian act now.

This is the time to show your personality not to brag about anything. Also stay away from lines like “I love to travel”; instead use pictures of your travels in your profile that will make that perfectly clear. Too much detail is bad, as you need to get her curious about who you are, not give every answer now. Finally make sure that you proofread your profile.

Easy On The Compliments There Don Juan

Too many complimentsCredit: Ruslan Dashinski

One of the bigger mistakes guys make is that they start giving a hundred compliments a minute. There are at least a couple of reasons why that is a mistake; first, every guy in there will try that and it really is not original at all. The other problem is that it sounds fake when you reach for a baseless compliment instead of something from her profile.

A better approach is to actually read her profile and look at the things she likes to do. Look at books and movies that she likes and if you have seen or read any of them then bring it up. You need to come off as sincere and interested, not as someone who is desperate to find a date. Too many compliments can make you look like someone who will say anything to get a date and not someone who actually cares about whom they meet.

Slow Down

You may have read some advice that tells you that you should ask for a date, but if the goal is to actually meet more women, then you need to slow down. Keep in mind that you are looking for real dates and not just someone to turn you down after talking to for like 20 minutes. You can exchange 3 to 4 emails with her and do the same with other profiles. After you think that you would like to meet and it seems that you have good conversations then it is time to ask for a date. She will be more likely to say yes because she will be more familiar with you.

Also pay attention to how many messages you are sending. If you send one and she does not respond in a couple of days, then say hi with something that you may have done that she would enjoy reading about. If she does not reply to that then move on or you will seem too needy. Do not ask what made her not reply, or what you said that made her not like you. Leave it alone and move along. She may have found someone else, an old flame, lost interest or had her internet disconnected. If she wants to talk to you after that, then let her take the first step.