Hackers are making their presence more pronounced on the Internet than in previous years. Thousands of corporations based in the United States have been the targets of attacks. However, there are few that admit to having their computer systems compromised. One reason for this is they do not want this type of publicity to negatively affect their stock price.

Releasing Information

The beginning of 2013 has seen a rash of companies being targeted by hackers. Companies have begun to see the benefits of announcing hacker attacks on their systems. One reason for this is that there are many people who online at all hours of the day using a mobile device. The rise of social media and the speed that information travels are other reasons for admitting to hacker attacks.

One of Many Syndromes

Companies admitting to being the victims of hacking may try to mitigate looking foolish by making announcements at the same time as other companies. One reason for this is that the shock effect on users is more likely to be muted. A good example of this phenomenon occurred back in 2010. This was when Google announced that the company was target by Chinese hackers. Google stated in an announcement to the press that they were one of two dozen companies targeted by a single group of hackers. Intel and Adobe Systems were two other companies that admitted to being targeted.

Announcements in 2013

Twitter was one company that was the target of hacker at the beginning of February this year. Facebook and Apple announced being hacked later in the month. The account of the hacking was first reported on the The Times website. This prompted the Wall Street Journal to announce that their systems had been targeted by Chinese hackers. The next admission came from the Washington Post. Recently the website of NBC has been hacked and forced Facebook to block links from the site. Employees of Twitter, Facebook, and Apple have also had their systems hacked after visiting an online forum.

Companies in Denial

One company that may have had their systems hacked and infected with malware early in 2013 is news provider Bloomberg. The company denied confirmed reports that their systems were hacked. There is a large group of companies that have refused to confirm hacking attacks the past few years. Companies include Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobile, and many others. Confirmed attacks have occurred to organizations that include Burger King and Jeep.

Refocus Hacking Efforts

The time and effort hackers take to break into a system can easily be used for better purposes. Hacking is typically done anonymously unless a group decides to gloat by making a statement online. There are many exploits in the wide variety of software used by various companies. One reason why hackers will be successful is because a known vulnerability is exploited because it was not patched. Hackers will be a constant threat to businesses if they are not taking steps to keep ahead of the knowledge learned by a hacker with bad intentions.