When people talk about milestones that affect the world we live in, two words are normally used - green and environmental. Policies and marketing are are flooded with points of sustainability and renewable resources. Looking around the events, what events have politicians, scientists and the developed countries deemed critical to the modern green lifestyle?

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs

A simple green option to lighting is the CFL or compact fluorescent lamp, which has been produced to reduce the usage of the old, energy inefficient incandescent bulb. Using less power and having a longer life span while still producing the same light, these bulbs are an alternative bulb source for a lot of us. With all fluorescent lamps and the CFL, they do contain mercury which does make it a little more problematic to dispose of.

But saying that, they are more environmentally and wallet friendly, as they last so much longer; even though the price is somewhat higher, you do not use as many.

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather is a name for weather incidents that are at the boundaries of historical occurrence. Lots of us will remember the earthquakes across Haiti, hurricane Katrina, the boxing day Tsunami and the Indian ocean Tsunami; all these catastrophes plus many others have occurred over the last decade and all over the world. There is debate amongst climatologists whether the human race is having a destructive effect on our planet, though it has been agreed that catastrophes like this are only the start and there is more to come.

Renewable Energy

Sunlight, wind, geothermal heat, rain and wood all provide energy that is renewable, these natural resources of energy are named renewable energy resources.

To promote sustainable development in the world, these energy resources need to be used, which has been taking place for the last decade and hopefully will continue to grow. Resources such as fossil fuels and nuclear power are the most common ways electricity is made, regrettably they are nonrenewable. Expanding the renewable energy sector will be pivotal for allowing significant cuts of the emissions while helping us find long-term solutions for electricity generation.

Mexican Gulf Oil Disaster

It is doubtful many of you will not know about a rather recent catastrophe, one that is still being felt worldwide - the Mexican Gulf oil spill. A big explosion and subsequent fire hit the Deepwater Horizon mobile offshore drilling unit on the 20th April 2010, the unit is approximately 40 miles off the Louisiana shores. To begin with the reports said that the oil leakage was minor, how wrong those headlines actually were. By the end of May, the approximated amount of the leaked oil was revised from 5,000 barrels a day to 12,000 -19,000 barrels a day and was expected to be more.

We may not hear about disasters surrounding oil very often, but they are becoming more frequent, which is bad news. When is enough, enough, when do we admit that we may not be capable of drilling underwater for oil without damaging the planet?

Going environmentally friendly is a matter of personal choice - everybody can decide for unique way. I am trying to be environmentally friendly condos in Toronto agent. Can you imagine any choice for you?