Technology changing our lives

Life without computers seems impossible now. They have pervaded our world on many levels on social and business scales. From the time they were first invented to now, computers have given the world a tremendous boost in advancing technology, business and now in our social lives. If we didn't have computers, you wouldn't be reading this article. Along with computers, the internet has aided in the development in technology. From the vending machine that where you bought a soda this morning to the elevator you took at the mall or office, they all use computer technology. You probably cannot think of a recent day when you didn't make use of computer technology.

Not only can computers process a lot of data in a nanoseconds but also store vast amounts of data in a very small area. Many people argue that computers have killed physical interaction between people. Although to a small extent, with the internet aiding computers, it might be true that physical interactions have curtailed somewhat the advantages that computers offer far outweigh the disadvantages. The internet allows a person to get access to information from anywhere in the world, which gave birth the world as we know it today. 50 years ago a person would not know much about the other cultures besides those in their country or region. With the internet and computers, we can get any form of information from any part of the world. The world has become a smaller place with the internet and computers linking us together.

Computers used in businesses, large and small, everywhere do tasks such as simple calculations to interaction between workers. Business would never have become so advanced if computers did not exist. The world would be much less developed without computers. Companies all over the world can interact and do business with each other as well as customers from anywhere by simply sitting at their computer. Business information is stored  and retrieved on computers, information is  transferable to locations around the world and people who are far apart can share files.

As the internet arose, so did social networking sites. These sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Zurker help you keep in touch with your friends and family whom you might not  see very often or those who live in another country. Before the computer or internet, one could only interact with local people and what they knew about the world was small in scope. Computers have opened vistas that allow you to receive a never-ending flow of information. You can learn about other people and cultures from social networking sites, make friends with people from countries you might have never known as well as share files, pictures, music, etc with each other.

Computers can now be found many places such as mobile phones which make connecting with the world a lot easier, automobiles to make driving easier and your microwave to make cooking a lot faster.  The reduction in amount of paper used due to the fact that work done in documents on computers and shared in email is good for the forests. The advantages that computers seems unlimited. With quantum computers coming in the future there will be even more changes to how we work, live and play.