What is Page Authority?

Page authority is how important the search engines (and hopefully readers) perceive your webpage to be.  You can build authority for a single webpage (like your Infobarrel profile page), or for a whole website like  a blog, niche site or business website. 

Why do I want an Authority Page?

Building a profile that has authority will help all of your articles do better because your profile page(s) links to your published articles. The profile page shares some of that authority to your articles which helps them perform better in the search engine results pages. The profile page can also be used to link to other web properties you own within reason.

How to build Authority?

The only real good way to get authority for a website is to have many links point to it.  The web pages that have more links pointed at them will over time get more visitors.  This diagram shows a closed system of webpages where 100% of the authority is shared between various pages.  

Simple Page Rank ModelCredit: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Each arrow represents a link from one page to another page. Page B has the biggest authority because it has the most links pointed at it.

Page C has a lot of authority because important Page B points a link to it, and no other page.

The little purple circles are pages without other pages linking to them (think small blogs). 

The real world is more complex with billions of webpages, but the concept is the same. This fundamental concept helped create web search as we know it.  Google calls it PageRank and it underpins how Google decides which webpages should be returned in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  

PageRank is becoming less important as Google uses other indicators to decide what goes in the SERPs but it remains a critical indicator of authority or importance of a webpage.

How is PageRank Defined?

Google assigns a PageRank from PR0 to PR10 in whole number increments. This is not publicly updated very often and some wonder if they will ever publicly update it again (a public update occured on about Feb 5, 2012. PageRank is a key measurement in what is considered Webpage Authority. Regardless of public updates, in the background the concept of PageRank or Authority is constantly at work.

If Links Create Authority - My Page Needs Links Right?

Exactly, so here are some places to get links (in no particular order of importance):

1. Onsite actions that create a link anchored with your user name back to your profile

  • The author box on every article you publish
  • Tagging articles which gets your profile and the article linked from a Tag Page
  • Uploading media/photos to create Media Pages
  • Forum Posts
  • Comments on other people's articles 
  • Comments on your own articles (generally responding to other people's comments)
  • Writing enough articles to be in the top 100 writers by Writing Points in a month
  • Winning an Infobarrel Contest gets a couple extra links to your profile
  • Establishing a friendship with someone if they accept the friendship (linked from your photo) 
  • Following someone (linked from your photo)
  • Links created in blog posts and forum posts by others. My profile was linked by Admin/JCMayer777 in this blog post for example.
  • Links created in your friends and followers feeds when you take actions like post an article, or comment on an article. In other words getting friends and fans/followers helps a little.

2.  Off site links including:

  • Link to your IB profile from your blog
  • Link from sites like TipDrop and other writing sites
  • Commenting on blogs using your IB profile page as your website link
  • Posting a link in your signature in a forum (where allowed)

How Much Authority Does My Profile Have?

Currently my IB Profile is a PR3 which is the highest PR of the profiles here right now (many of the writers have a PR3 profile page - I'm not saying my page is number one, just that PR3 is as good as it gets at IB until the next PR update is released). 

By comparison, Infobarrel homepage is PR4.  My blog is PR2 which is far too low in my view.  Google Homepage is PR10, as is Wikipedia Homepage and a few others.

How I've Built Authority to My Profile

I've built my IB Profile Authority by being active on Infobarrel which includes: 

Making lots of (hopefully helpful) forum posts and article comments.

JadeDragonCredit: owned by JadeDragonAcquiring close to 500 friends and over 50 fans/followers so you can see my little girl avatar everywhere and the profile link that goes with it.

Publishing 160 articles so far (this is #161), creating media pages and tagging my articles.

I also won the December 2011 writing contest and have been in the top 100 writers in a number of months.   

What are the Benefits to a High Authority Profile Page?

A higher authority profile page gives some extra authority to all your articles. 

I use my profile page to link out to my passive income blog, therefore giving it some extra authority and traffic from people who view my profile on Infobarrel.  The value of the links for flowing PR is go if they are dofollow, not nofollow, but either way the link brings human traffic to my blog.

I've also used my profile page to place at least one affiliate link.  Appropriate helpful links can be profitable additions to your profile.  

It is also a good place to link your favorite articles from (although your newest articles show on the page already).

Finally the profile page is an ideal place to share a little information about yourself, a little self promotion and humanizing rolled together.  

How Else Can I Use the Concept of Authority?

Any website homepage, blog post, or article on the web can build Authority using these concepts.  You just need to work on the quality and quatity of the links to your pages and those pages will grow and grow in page authority.