Throughout life, there are many reasons why an individual may begin to become more and more isolated from society. It's never a pleasant experience to become completely isolated. In this article, I hope to make a few suggestions to you about how I personally got over social isolation and built a pretty good social life for myself after quite a long time of social isolation.

I'm going to tell you about 3 ways I have beat social isolation in this article. I hope it will help give you ideas about how to get back out there and make some new friends and re-build your social life.

The first way I got over social isolation is simply to get a job where I was around people all day. At work, it's really easy to make friends with your co-workers especially since you spend so much time with them. I was so tired of being stuck at home for extended periods of time all alone that I decided to get a job to get back out there. At that workplace, I have built friendships that have lasted to this day. I've built connections with very interesting people who have helped me better understand myself. Not too mention how much fun I've had with these new friends over the years. One important tip I want to share with you is not to be shy. Try and act social if you're not usually social in reality. Reach out to your co-workers and you'll quickly learn that most people respond positively to your reaching out. If noone initiates making plans to go out together after work or on the weekend, you could bring it up! What's the worst that can happen? Worst case scenario, you'll get a no. If you do get a no, all you have to do is move on and ask someone else.

The second way I got over my social isolation is to move into an appartment building with people my own age. There were many common areas in this building where people of my age could get together, meet, mingle, and have fun together. That kind of setting made it so easy to make new friends. Additionally, I rented a room in one of the appartments in that building. When you have roommates, it's super easy to befriend your roommates. I mean you live with them, right? So, it becomes so natural to start hanging out with them and go out together and do all kinds of fun things. When choosing an appartment building to move into, look for common areas like a gym for example or a recreation room or a movie room or a pool table room. These are all great examples of things that make it easy to meet your neighbors and make new friends.

The third way I got over my social isolation was to go back to college. I took several classes and in one of the classes, we were assigned a group project. I suggested to the people sitting next to me that we form a group and work on the project together and they accepted my request! Before you knew it, they were inviting me to come study with them on the weekends for midterms and finals. Again, the key to meeting new people and making new friends is to put yourself in situations where it would be natural for this to happen. School and work are 2 perfect examples of where it is very natural to make new friends.

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