Hey everyone, I wanted to take a second today to share my recent experience with a mock job search.  I did it mostly out of curiosity, since I was wondering just how hard it would be to land a security job on short notice.  See, I work with a bunch of government folks on my day job, so I usually have some free time on Friday afternoon once those sandbags leave for the weekend.  And since I always make sure to tune up my own resume every few months, I spent a few hours on Friday uploading the most recent copy, and also creating job seeker profiles on the Monster and Military Hire websites.  When I was finished, I wrapped up work for the day and headed for the house.

                The next morning, I opened up my email.  Overnight, two recruiters had sent me email messages with preliminary job offers!

                Now I’ve gotten some decent experience over the years, and I usually get contacted pretty quickly whenever I change jobs, but this was a new speed record.  I spent a few seconds reading the offers through, but more out of curiosity than anything.  The first one was from a local security and investigations company in my area looking for someone to do part-time repossessions and debt collections.  Ordinarily that might be a lot of fun, but I just don’t have the time right now.  Besides, I just can’t imagine the gig would pay very much.

                The second offer was a little more interesting, though.  It was only a form email, but it came from a recruiter working with one of the mid-size defense contractors.  Nothing fancy, just a short note saying that he had immediate openings for static security positions in Kuwait.  The jobs paid upwards of $61,000/yr with lodging and per diem included.  It was pretty clear to me that this guy had just run a general search through Military Hire for job seekers’ whose profiles mentioned previous deployment experience, an honorable discharge, and an active security clearance.  The form letter included the guy’s phone # and email address, with instructions to contact him if I was interested in an immediate deployment.

                Well, I did end up sending him a polite email back, but only to decline the job.  Right now I just can’t get excited about standing 12-hour guard shifts in Kuwait, and there’s no way in hell I’d take a pay cut to do it.  But I did attach my current resume for the company’s records in case something interesting came up with his company, and promised to pass him along any qualified candidates I came across.  After all, it never hurts to have one more contact in this business.

                So guys, there you have it!  The contract security jobs are still out there, and companies still need to get them filled.  $60-$70k might not be a whole lot of money in the world of security contracting, but the chance to get a foot in the door is priceless.  If anyone reading this article is looking an opportunity like this, I guess you know where to get started.  Just do me a favor, make sure to clean up that resume before you fire it out!

                As for me, I just might have to spend a couple more minutes each week checking out the job boards.  I mean, you never know what’s out there…