Discover Where to Look for Bagain DVDs to Buy Cheap DVDs

 For DVD bargains and for finding great deals on Blu-ray titles, here is a list of terrific websites and deal forums where I compare prices to look for the best DVD and Blu-ray deals.

DVD deal forums like DVD Bargains and other similar websites are the best places to search the web for saving money on DVDs and new Blu-ray releases. Discover news about DVD sales, unadvertised DVD prices and other DVD pricing information you would not otherwise learn about without these sites to buy your DVDs more cheaply.

How to Spend Less Year Round

This past summer the Castle Season 1 DVD was on sale for $4.75 during the week of August 21st, 2011 at Target.  At this same time, Castle Season 1 was selling above $13 on Amazon. Use the web to check prices, to watch for price reductions and to spend less on DVDs. Patience does pay off.  Save a lot of money with just this simple tip.

Like the prices of most goods, DVD prices fluctuate often and throughout the year. Why not look for savings on DVDs and Blu-ray titles year round versus simply waiting for Black Friday DVD bargains?

Consider, too, that many of the latest DVD releases of popular TV shows are also released in September to coincide with the start of each year’s Fall TV Season.  Not only that, prior season TV on DVD releases are also sometimes heavily discounted when newer seasons makes their debut on DVD or Blu-ray. 

DVD sales for prior season TV on DVD titles are reduced in price largely to spur additional sales of the both the new and older seasons of popular television shows. Bundled season sets or buying more than one season at a time, at a discount or with coupons for one or more DVD sets, can also help save on DVD purchases.

Did you know that Buena Vista Home Entertainment, for instance, routinely offers $10 off coupons each September for their hit TV shows on ABC once they become available on DVD? Look for these $10 off coupons this coming Fall, when the latest seasons of Castle, Gray's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives are released on DVD or Blu-ray?

Deal Shopping Beyond the Sunday Circulars for DVD Bargains

Find insider knowledge on these DVD deal forums and DVD news and pricing specifics as good as any information from industry trade journals. DVD sale news is verified and posted daily by users posting sale prices after in-store shopping visits.

DVD Bargains and Blu-ray Bargains are two sub-forums on the website.  These are excellent user-generated communities for finding up-to-date sale prices and DVD bargains for each week’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases. Did you also know that these two top DVD forums also publish advance notice of DVD sales and bargains, too?

New DVDs typically street every week on Tuesdays.  DVD forum posters originate forum posts to share DVD sale news and the special deals occurring online and in-store  at most national brick-and-mortar stores.

The following week's data is likely available, too, from advance circular ad announcements soon to appear in print inside the coming week's Sunday paper.

With the knowledge of upcoming sales circular data, it's possible to cut DVD spending costs and save money, not only on DVD purchases, but on needless shopping trips as well.

Search DVD Deal Forums for Advance Notice to Cut Costs

Pay particular attention on these forums to the forum posts entitled Best Buy Media Prices (by week) or the Target Ad (also by week) for the current and forthcoming week’s DVD sale prices and Blu-ray deals at these two big-box stores.

Don't you just hate it when you pay for something and it goes on sale or gets discounted even more the following week? Avoid this trap with a few minutes of reading to discover upcoming DVD bargains on these DVD deal threads.

Buying DVDs cheaply is possible and easy to do. Buyers simply need take a few minutes to find DVD bargains, and likewise, know where to find cheap DVDs.  Having advance notice of sales certainly makes saving money on DVDs and other products all that much easier.
Discover Unadvertised Sales to Save Money

Lately, watching these advance store ad threads on the DVD Bargains forum has become more important to shoppers concerned with finding the lowest prices on DVDs and Blu-ray titles. This is because Best Buy and Target appear to be advertising fewer sale DVDs and displaying fewer pictures of their sale Blu-ray and DVD product to avoid rivals from undercutting their prices or to avoid customer price matching.

Thus, these DVD deal forums and deal sharing websites are a new resource for discovery and sharing news about in-store sale DVDs that are not featured in print advertisements.

There is an ongoing debate about whether Amazon has contributed to the decreased list of advertised DVD titles in print ads from Target and from Best Buy too. Has Amazon lowered their prices to meet or beat any printed prices as stated in circulars to divert traffic and sales away from these two retailers to their own store instead? Some contributors to the forum argue that this is certainly the case while others disagree. 

Use a DVD Price Search Engine to Find the Lowest Price
DVD – This is exclusively a DVD and Blu-ray price search engine and price comparison website. Use this site to easily and rapidly find the cheapest DVD and Blu-ray titles for sale by utilizing the search feature at the top of the site to lookup prices.  You can do searches by title, price, price range, percent off and by actor.  The best feature of this site, however, is the ability to, in one action (in this case a quick glance), to quickly scan the homepage for an excellent recap of the day’s sale titles listed by various online and offline merchant under the aptly named section New Lowest Price.  The length and list of DVD releases varies each day depending on how many DVD titles happen are on sale for the day. Some days the list is short but most days there is a good-sized list for each store. The bargain prices for each DVD or Blu-ray title is also listed. Stores often found on the website include, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble.  Current coupon codes to save even more on DVDs and Blu-ray discs can also be found one the home page under the Latest Updates Section.  Weekly sales are also featured by title and by store.

Check out an Amazon Sales list for Big Discounts is primarily a DVD news site for new or upcoming Television show DVD and new Blu-ray releases. However, on the main page of this site, there is a section entitled TV-DVD Sales. This featured section is updated hourly with new titles.  and this web page consists of DVD and Blu-ray releases newly marked down for sale on Amazon.  Sale price specifics and detailed discount information are accessed by drop-down menus that you can sort to quickly isolate specific DVD titles and sale prices.

Other Good Resources For Scoring DVD Bargains

I like to price any item I buy on I use Ebay for comparing DVD prices on current active auctions and I also look at the sales history of an item for recently sold prices, for a view of current pricing, by doing a product search under the completed auction section.  This is especially good for pricing DVDs and Blu-ray films and TV product. Sometimes the price disparity of products on Ebay can vary widely from Amazon so the potential to save lots of money on Blu-ray movies and DVDs exists.

Of course, is also good for price comparisons of new and used product and for a list of additional marketplace sellers that are also selling DVDs and Blu-ray movies. Sometimes buying a DVD from a marketplace seller selling a specific title for less can also save you money. Even better, Amazon guarantees your shopping experience with all third-party sellers through their A to z Guarantee policy. You can also add a DVD or a Blu-ray title to your cart and save it for later. You will be notified of a price drop if you check the status of your Amazon cart from time to time.  You will need to check your cart on the website occasionally as this is not like setting up a price alert where you receive an e-mail about a price change.

Google Product Search or Google Shopping  is yet another great resource for locating retailers selling online (and offline) DVD and Blu-ray movies quickly. Doing a search on Google also helps buyers determine product availability and the most current prices and the lowest selling prices for both new Blu-ray releases and DVDs. Use Google Shopping for comparing DVD prices and for saving money on your DVD and Blu-ray purchases.

Use these deal forums and other websites to your advantage to find great deals, DVD bargains and to locate the best possible prices for DVDs and new Blu-ray releases. Buy DVDs and Blu-ray movies for much less money with these money-savings tips.

A Final Tip to Buy DVDs for Less Money

A final tip to save money when buying DVDs is to occasionally buy DVDs from This is only wise if you own a multi-region DVD player.

Do you need a multi-region DVD player? I believe this is a must-have home entertainment purchase for fans of DVD movies and TV on DVD fans. You can also save even more money on DVDs and find even more DVD bargains if you own a multi-region DVD player.

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Share your unique DVD bargain tips or comments below on what new information you learned from reading these tips. I'd love to know your DVD bargain buying tips!