First Step is All Mental

The first step in any diet, or life change, is to decide you need the change.  If it's not something you feel deep down, and really want in your life, then you'll won't have the follow-thru it's going to take to succeed. 

I just got sick of the way I felt each day.  I felt uncomfortable in my own body, as I said.  This is not the way to be.  So, I decided I needed to do something and quickly in order for me to not only feel better about myself, but feel better just being myself.

When the comfort level goes way down in just every day activities it's time to change.

Deciding on a Plan of Action

After I had  decided to have the mental fortitude I needed to actually go on a diet I had to decide which diet to go on. 

In the past I had tried to just excersize and not really control what I ate.  I didn't know how to count calories, so I'm not sure I could have controlled what I ate at the time, anyway.    That didn't seem to work because I just didn't have the time to excersize as much as I wanted to, or needed to, for that matter.

So, what diet did I decide on.  Well, in November of last year, 2010, my brother had told me he went on the HCG diet.  You may not have heard of this diet before, but I investigated...a little, and found it to be a little scary at the time.  You can only eat 500 calories a day.  But, you also have to take this HCG stuff.  My brother told me that he had to hold it under his tounge for 15 minutes, twice a day.  I found out this dosage varies with the different kinds out there.  Depending on where you get it.  I also found out that you have to be very careful about where you get it. They also have shots that you can go to your doctor for, but the price difference is enormous!  There are a lot of places out there that sell inferior products.   When taking the HCG at the same time, the theory, or truth, whichever it is, is that you are actually getting over 2000 calories a day because the HCG stuff is helping your body use up the fat storage you already have on your body and converting that for daily food. 

Years ago, I had also been on the "Hilton Head Metabolism Diet" with great success.  I lost about 35 pounds on that diet.  I gained it all back in a few years.  I also found out that this diet is about the most unhealthy diet you can go on because you lose a lot of muscle and water, but not a lot of fat.  I worked out like mad at the time, so I like to think I kept a lot of the muscle.  Hard to tell.

And there are other diets I had looked at and rejected.

So, along with deciding to go on a diet you have to also decide on a plan of action.  I not only had to become mentally prepared I had to decide exactly what I was going to do in order to lose weight.

What Action I Took

My brother lost weight with HCG and I know a couple of other people who lost on it as well.  They sang it's praises.  My brother told me he was not hungry while on the diet and that it was really a breeze.  He lost 1-2 pounds every day, except for a few days, while on the diet.  He's now on it again.

So, I decided I would just ignore my previous hesitations and just do this diet.  I could probably do it if I wasn't hungry, right?

On January 6th I started on the diet.  I did 3 days of binging, which the diet only calls for 2, so I goofed it up a little there, but it didn't seem to stop me any.  The funny thing is I was suppose to binge for those days, but I didn't feel like I was eating any more than I had before.  Still eating a lot, but I had been eating a lot every day for quite a while.  It's amazing that I didn't weigh a lot more!!!

I started out at 247 pounds.  The most I had weighed in my life.  The first week was kind of bad.  The theory was correct, I wasn't hungry, and holding the drops in my mouth was ok, but I just wanted to eat.  The problem I had to get over was the bad habit I had of just eating all the time, whether I was hungry or not.  That was the hardest part. 

Luckily, I had already done the mental part and decided to do it.  That's also something I was warned about on this diet.  If I cheat I'll gain weight like crazy, so I didn't cheat.  I only ate what I was suppose to.  I know, you may think I was being strong, but I think it was more that I was scared of the consequences.  I went for three weeks and then did the 3 maintenance days, where you stop the drops, but stay on the 500 calories a day.  I'm now at the end of the first week on the 3-week maintneance period. 

I'm currently weighing 220.  25 pounds in 3 weeks.  I'm calling it the month of January.  I thought that was pretty good.  My Brother also went on it about the same time, for his second time,  and ended at 25 pounds as well. 

Now I have to maintain it. 

Final Summation.

The final summation is now I have every intention of keeping the weight off.

The best thing this diet did for me was help me break some bad habits I had formed.  Like eating all the time.  And the stuff I would eat was usually chips, or something else that was doubly bad for me.  Now I snack on something a little more healthy, like peanuts, and seem to be just as happy with it, and happy with a little less.

Weighing yourself every day is part of the diet and this helps you maintain where you are at.  If you start gaining, then you can take steps that day to curtail it.  Instead of waiting until I'm back to 247 again....

So, at the end of it all, I would say that the hardest thing to overcome is the mental.  I had to break the cycle and get into a mode where I knew good food and bad food.  Basically, if I can cut out the sugar and the starches then it's all good.  That one basic key is what is going to help me keep this weight and still be healthy.

I've started lifting weights and have adopted that into my weekly routine.  I don't mind losing weight, but I still want to look good.

I will be going on this diet again in March or April (I may be traveling in March, so don't want to diet then).  I figure if I lose 25 more pounds I'll be awesome.  :)

Hopefully, this will inspire others who are feeling the same way I was.  I can actually say I'm more comfortable in my body now, not all bloated feeling all the time.  This is much nicer.

I can't recommend anything to anyone, since I'm not a doctor.  You'll have to decide for yourself what is best.  Good luck and thank you for reading!