If you’re like most people, you probably have a ton of stuff and you’re not exactly sure what to do with it.  After deciding to down size, I thought there’s no better online yard sale than Ebay. So, after gathering all my sellable merchandise together I was ready to list and sell!  I’ve sold on Ebay for over two years so I’ve learned a few tips, tricks and selling points to help your merchandise sell.  Follow these proven tips and you’ll see results.

     You have to sign up an Ebay account.  This is called your user portfolio.  This will track your transactions and give you an identity on Ebay.  After doing this, you can link a checking or additional form of banking to your seller account. This can take a couple of days but it’s definitely worth the wait. After you’ve got your account set up then you’re ready to sell.

     First, always remember you’re selling the item.   If the item was a brand new Rolex watch or a brand new car, you wouldn’t be selling it so don’t ask an outrageous amount for a product. Ask yourself what you’d pay for the item then price accordingly. You can better understand what the item would sell for and your competition by going on Ebay and searching the item you’re selling. Look at what your competitors are selling the same item for.  You’re not going to sell a knife if there’s a seller on eBay selling the same knife for $20 bucks cheaper. Remember you’re selling the item.  Take a dollar or two loss if it means you can sell the item today versus two weeks from now. Whatever your competition, price an item a couple of buck cheaper and you’ll get noticed.

     Second, use keywords in your header and body of the listing. I always like to put brand, price, NWT (new with tags) or NWOT (new without tags), your market (women, juniors, toddler boys, hunters, athlete’s, etc.), size, and color. The more information you can put in the header the better. There’s a ton of listings so you have about 3 seconds to grab your buyer’s attention. Remember, they’re scrolling through all the listings so you got to make your time count! In the body of your listing, put as much about the product as possible so the potential buyer has all the relevant information. Put information such as: One owner, original retail price, looks great with, works great with, used with, had for __ years, used once, used twice, measurements are, kept in garage, etc.

     Third, you have to take good pictures. The more pictures you have the better. Take pictures from all angles both top and bottom. Natural sunlight is free and will always produce good pictures. Remember, buyer’s want to see the item in its true form. Don’t mislead the buyer; it can lead to frustration, negative feedback, and a complicated transaction that can waste time and money.

     Fourth, stay in touch with your buyer. The better they feel about the transaction, the more likely they are to buy from you again. Package the item well. Remember things get wet in transit so put the item in a zip lock bag or waterproof packaging. The buyer will appreciate it and you’re less likely to deliver a damaged product. I like to wrap my items in bubble packaging. I’ve even used shredded newspaper and magazines to package products.   This is very helpful when shipping glass and fragile items.

     Fifth, let’s face it, shipping is expensive and you’ll probably lose a little money here so be ship smart! I cut my ship ticket down to a minimum. You have to account for the shipping cost when listing your item. I would suggest assessing the item, the weight of the item, and method of shipment. Contact your local mail/freight company for shipping costs. If you list the full freight cost on the product listing, re-assure the buyer why you’re shipping that method and the turn-around time to receive the item. Most buyers won’t mind if it means they’ll get the item in 3-5 days. All the buyers need on a ship ticket is the seller’s info, buyer info, and the product information so cut all that other junk off. I like to use flat rate boxes. Flat rate boxes provide adequate amounts of space for a product and ship at a discounted price.  Remember, happy buyers will be more likely shop from you again.