What do Mark Zuckerberg, Billy Stade, Kari Stade, Babak Farahi, Mike Domek have in common?

These are the people who already have made their millions before they reach the age of annoying discomforts: 40. How did these people earn their millions at such a young age?

There are no rules to follow, nor a magic wand to wave. These people went out of their comfort zones and started to drift through life. They believe that business when combined with passion works like magic. Do you think they will do well if they consider failure a red flag and a last-ditch attempt to recover their money is not in their radars? Of course not!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

who wants to be a millionaireCredit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/c/c3/Wwtbam-uk-2010.png/300px-Wwtbam-uk-2010.pngIn the case of workers who go to work for 8 hours or more, a day of absence can already ruin their budget. What do you think of this scenario? Do you think these workers can ever become millionaires like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg? Yes, they can, but only in their dreams.

I once was a worker who works diligently from 8 to 5, sometimes more. My job was my only source of living. I can’t even afford to go on a traditional vacation in a nearby town. Honestly, my salary was just enough to keep my family up to feed. I have no regrets whatsoever because my hard work has paid off. I was able to build a home for my family through PAG-IBIG. However, we were living paycheck to paycheck then.

Like any other people, I also dream of becoming a millionaire before I reach the sickly age of forty. I just don’t feel like dreaming all my life, so I busied myself reading inspirational books, stories of people who become successful. I want to experience moments absolutely free from worry. I worry about bills: electric bills, credit card bills, telephone bills, school bills, etc. There comes a point in my life when I get tired of chasing how to pay the bills just in time. I often end up paying overdue fines (at least I paid. This is better than not paying at all.)

Internet: What Is It?

When my employer installed an internet to streamline the ordering process, I know nothing about it. All I know is that the internet is the easiest way to find your soul mate. My curiosity leads me to read voraciously about how the internet really works. I’m proud to say that chatting is my first internet skills. I was ecstatic to have my first chat mate from India, followed by a friendly US service man, a rich man from the Middle East, a business person from Canada (feels like I have traveled the world and chatting takes some of the fun).

How To Make Money Online?

Bored with chatting, I explored the internet more. I came across some ways to make money online. I decided to give it a shot and my curiosity prompted me to use my passion for writing. I love to write, but I still need to hone my skills. I started writing stories of my life, stories for everything under the sun. I submitted my writings to Triond. This is my first writing gig. I don’t know how the inflow of money works here, all I know is that I can earn money off them in the long run. I was able to publish 20 stories on Triond.

Feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything, I focused on my regular 8 to 5 job: leaving my writing gig behind. When I learned that my company was about to close shop after twenty years in business, I’ve started worrying though I'm not included in the layoffs. Once again, the potential earning power of the internet comes to my mind. I searched till the wee hours of the morning to find ways of making money online.

First Online Career

My first internet earning experience came in the month of October, year 2008. I started my online career in an online tutoring industry. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about this tutoring job. However, just about everybody will look at a true to life drama; life’s been good to me that I’ve made my first million in less than a year of hard work.

I resigned from my regular job and concentrated on working online. I continued writing submitting articles this time to Infobarrel, and answering questions online. I am free now. I have so much time with my family, which I have more opportunity to take a huge family vacation.

Yes, I earned my first million working online. You, too, can earn millions if you have the guts to stick it out and make perseverance your life-long friend.