How I Learn About InfoBarrel

I have learned about InfoBarrel before when I was looking for ways to earn money writing online.  Back then, when I read about InfoBarrel I did not register on the site upon knowing that Infobarrel needs a Google AdSense Account because I do not have a Google AdSense Account.

After about two years, when I was searching for other online writing websites that do not need a Google AdSense Account I came across InfoBarrel again.  I was happy to know that InfoBarrel made changes to their policy and do not require a Google AdSense Account anymore.  Before joining the site, I searched online for other information regarding InfoBarrel.  Most of the feedback I got was positive and they like the 75% revenue sharing, which is higher than any other online writing sites that is available online. So I decided to join and try my luck and I was happy that I became a member of Infobarrel.

Credit: InfoBarrel

Submitting My First Article

I submitted my first article in Infobarrel the day I was confirmed as a new member.  I read that articles take 1-2 days to be approved and even longer days when it falls on weekends so I waited till my articles be live.  But after 7 days and my articles are still located in pending mode, I decided to contact the admin to ask how many days should I still wait for my articles to be approved.  The next day, I was happy to receive an e-mail from InfoBarrel informing me that my article 15 Health Benefits of Ginger are now approved and is now published in InfoBarrel. 

What Can I Say About Infobarrel

I think Infobarrel is a good site for writers who wanted to improve their knowledge about writing.  It is a good site for writers who wanted to help their readers and not just to promote their sites and make a sale.  Eventhough you can put Amazon products on your articles on Infobarrel, putting Amazon products that are not related to your work is not permitted by them. 

Most of the articles are full of information that you need regarding the topics you searched.  They encouraged their writers to create content that readers will really enjoy reading and not just a piece of trash that you can see in any other writing sites. They also check each of your work that you submitted to them.  They denied articles that are full of grammar and spelling errors.

The site is very strict in approving articles.  The first article that I had submitted passed smoothly but the other articles that I have submitted to them took a long time to get approved.  I passed my articles and they disapprove it.  I will rewrite it again and made corrections and after I am confident that my articles were already good and I believed that it will now be approved, they will disapprove it again. But sometimes when I saw my errors in the articles that I have been submitting, I would tell myself that they are right in disapproving it.  There are also times when I cannot see errors in my articles, I wanted to give up and I wanted to send my articles to another writing site that I am a member of.  But I still hesitate because I know that my articles in Infobarrel will be in good hands it will just take time. I just have to be patient.

Another way I wanted to earn on the site is through my Amazon link.  I have put some link on my articles.  I did not put Amazon links in all of my articles because Infobarrel doesn’t want you to put a link that is not related to your article.  As of now, I still do not have any sale from Amazon.  But I am not losing hope I will still wait.

I also wanted to participate in the contest wherein a writer can earn $100, $50 and 25$ if they belong to the top 3 writers who got the highest scores in a month.  But because there are so many good writers on the site sometimes I only belonged to one of the Top Ten writers who got the highest scores.    

My Earnings on InfoBarrel

I joined Infobarrel June 15, 2014.  When I registered on the site, I did not expect earnings on my first 2 weeks of being a member because I know that it is still early to expect and I only have one article at that time.  But then again I tried to open my earnings tab because I am curious on what is written on it.  I was amazed to see my earnings of $0.64 for the one article I have submitted.  My first month earnings in Infobarrel was $0.66.  My second month earnings were $3.88. And my August earnings were $4.39.  I am very excited seeing my income in Infobarrel rising.  I hope I can get more approved articles so that I can make more income. 

My Referrals

I got two referrals in Infobarrel. The first one is asereht1970 who is my friend and the other one is sarvodyaseo, whom I do not know personally.  He used my referral link to register on InfoBarrel. I earned $0.01 from asereht1970 who is also a new member and has only written few articles.  Eventhough I only got a small amount from my articles, I still wanted to refer someone to the site not just because I enjoy writing on the site but also I think I can also help some writers to earn on the site. 


I think InfoBarrel is one of the best free online writing sites that I have joined.  I believe I became a better writer since I joined the site.  Eventhough I regularly check and ask a friend to proofread my work on all my articles I have submitted with my different online writing sites, being a member of InfoBarrel made me more careful on submitting my articles with them.   

I know that my earnings on this site right now is not that much but at least I am more motivated looking at the progress of my earnings on this site.   I will try to keep this article updated every now and then so just keep on reading some of my articles.