When my sister first invited me over to do a zumba work out with her, I had no idea what I was getting into. I have never had a dance class, had never been to a club and I certainly wasn’t the most coordinated personal life. I had no idea how to zumba, or really any idea what that even meant. All I knew was that she had purchased the Zumba Fitness Party for her Kinnect and really wanted a workout partner.

I was really worried that not knowing the steps would mean that it wasn’t on effect of workout for me, and that most of my time would be spent trying to coordinate my feet and hands. I was very wrong. I hurt more after that workout than I had in months of trying many different workouts. I had more fun, burned more calories, and learned more in the 30 minute session than I ever dreamed possible. And more importantly- I was partying. Fun music, hot moves and a racing heart had me feeling like a million bucks. All we were missing were the club lights.

So what you need to learn how to Zumba? Well, first off, you need a program. Whether it is a Wii or Kinnect game, or a DVD and weight package from Amazon, you’ll need the music and the step-by-step instructions that come with these. Or, you could always take dance instructions and purchase some upbeat salsa music and create your own workout. For something that is designed to make working out fun and easy, this seems like a lot of trouble to go to. a typical zoom the program will include the samba, calypso, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, quebredita and several different hip-hop the steps, and most programs will have different room choreography to go with them.

Zumba Fitness Party is Available for Wii or Kinnect

However you choose to do it these basic tips will help you have a great time and burner maximum amount of calories --

  1. Keep Moving - Even if you feel like you are getting any of it right, keep your body in motion, your abs tensed, and your hips moving you will burn calories and you will have fun.
  2. Drink Lots of Water - This is the most basic workout tip, but it is essential. The more hydrated you are the further you will go, and the harder you will work.
  3. Keep You Legs Bent - Keeping your legs slightly bent will give you better balance and create a more effective workout. The lower you go the more your muscles will burn. Unless it is specified by the instructor to have straight legs, assume that your legs are going to be bent.
  4. Work on Your Feet First - Don’t worry about getting your arms choreographed until your steps are right. Keep your eyes on your instructors feet and pay close attention to the exact motion that they are doing. Once you have done this for several weeks, your steps will become mindless and you will be able to choreograph your arms and get the full upper body workout going. If you try it all at once it will be overwhelming.
  5. Don’t Worry About How You Look - Every beginner looks like a beginner. focus on the beats and staying in time with it. Work on keeping your body in the correct positions and think about keeping your muscles contracted at your head and shoulders relaxed. How you look is the least important factor in the beginning stages of learning a new workout.


Most importantly, have fun. If you’re having fun doing something active, then you’ve already won. You are off the couch, you are burning calories, and you are toning muscles. This is a victory, so enjoy it. Taking this step to create a healthier, stronger you will make your life better. enjoy the fact that your heart is racing and keep taking deep breaths. Make sure to spend some time stretching each day so you’re ready for the next day’s workout and don’t give up.