If you are just starting out on the internet you might wonder what to do once your site is live. Like most small business owners starting out, you are probably on a tight budget. Here I will share how I promote my website with free techniques anyone can use.

One of the most overlooked factors of SEO is website content. Most business owners immediately create a website with a shopping cart for their products. After all, that's what their website is for, right? They want an easy way for their customers to make purchases.

But that's only part of the value of a website. A website can also help your customers feel connected to you or your company which will increase customer loyalty. Providing them with information about you, your company and your products allows you to communicate more information than you could any other way. How often do you walk into a store and get to hear the owner's ideas?

Relevant content also helps your search engine ranking. Many business owners falsely believe that meta tags, keywords set up behind the scenes, still control how the search engines handle their sites. For example, if your website is about children's books you might use meta tags such as children's picture books, children's book authors, and more. Because any meta tag can be used, even if it's not relevant to the site, the search engines are putting more value on content. Their spiders are able to "read" the content on your site and pick out keywords that are actually relevant.

There is some debate about whether the search engines look at meta tags at all. When I promote my website I still include relevant meta tags that match the keywords in my site content. I try to avoid using meta tags that are not repeated in the content and I never use meta tags that aren't relevant.

Adding quality content to a website is a free and easy way I use to promote my website. For more free SEO techniques look for the other articles in this series.