A different approach to stopping smoking.


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     I won't bother explaining to you the dangers of smoking or how it ravages the body.  I'm sure you have heard all this many times over.  I'm also sure you have been bombarded with suggestions for quitting smoking, from  special diets to patches, acupuncture, and hypnotism.  For personal reasons, I did not try any of these.  For some, they work, and for others, they don't.  I had also tried quitting before, but a stressful situation brought my demons back, and so I ultimately failed.

     People smoke for various reasons, and they have trouble quitting for various reasons.  Stress, peer pressure, social demands, and the burden of responsibilities, can all make quitting difficult.  I wanted to make sure that I could handle all life threw at me, and still become smoke free.  This is my method.  I hope it helps someone else.

How I Quit Smoking

     I started smoking at sixteen and soon found myself with a two pack a day habit.  This went on for twenty year, interrupted with one non-smoking year.

     There are few people able to stop 'cold'.  I was pretty sure, that I was not one of those.So I took my two packs of cigarettes, and took one out.  This little demon I broke into pieces and put into the garbage.  I then went about my day, smoking when I chose to do so, and not thinking about quitting.  I continued in this way for a week.

     The second week, I disposed of two cigarettes.  In this way, I progressed and after, twenty weeks of the usual stresses and demands of life, I found I was down to one pack - still content, and relatively sane.  For the last few weeks of the first twenty, I found myself hoarding cigarettes during the day so that I could smoke as much as I wished during the evening.  One evening I found I was heading for bed with one cigarette left.  This was a huge victory.

     As the last pack disappeared, I found the going easier.  I resisted the temptation to cut back faster, but when I got down to the final few, I found the urge to smoke was dying.

     It has been many years since I quit smoking.  In the interim, my father died of lung cancer after smoking heavily, more heavily than I, for sixty years.  Not a happy time for me.  At age eighty, my mother, who had kept up with my Dad, smoke for smoke, quit 'cold turkey'.  She lived for nine more years.

     If you try this method, celebrate the small victories.  Don't try to push ahead to fast.  Persevere and you will succeed.  Even if you have small setbacks, do not be defeated.  You only fail if you quit trying.

     I know that this battle is unique for every smoker, but I hope that this article will be of use to even one of you.