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Are wondering how to use Google's Free Keyword Research Tool to write for you niche blog or for a revenue site like InfoBarrel? If you target the right keywords and write good for SEO, I think you have a great chance of creating multiple streams of passive income for yourself. What you need to do is learn - the best part about this is that there are tons of free or cheap resources to do this! I have listed a step by step guide on just how to use Google's keyword tool and how you can target low competition keywords to make money from blogging. I've learned that it's all about the keyword search terms you target - you must choose effective keywords and understand keyword prominence!

#1 - Go to the Google Keyword Research Tool Website

Here is the link to Google’s Free Keyword Research Tool! -

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#2 Type in your Phrase or Keyword

What do you want to write about? Photography? Business? You should consider choosing low competition keywords to have a higher chance of "ranking" on Google's search engine.

For this I will use the word “inflation" which is what I write about a lot and is related to gold, which I also write about (as you may have been able to tell from my name/photo).

The site will then sort at least 100 or more keywords related to your word of phrase and sort it by the following categories: competition, global and monthly searches, approx. CPC and local search trends.

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#3 Download the Excel Spreadshet

 I much, much prefer to view all these keywords in the excel spreadsheet than on the actual site. What you do is click “download” and “all search results” and this takes you to a nicely laid out excel spreadsheet.

Here what I do is click “Sort” and I sort by both competition first, and then “global monthly searches.”

You can find the lowest competition keywords and also find out just how many people are searching for it monthly globally and locally, PLUS you can find out what the average cost per click could bring in.

Here's what to click:

Excel Spreadsheet for Google Keyword ResearchCredit:

And here is what the excel spreadsheet should look like after you download it and sort the competition from lowest to highest. The ".01" is the competition rating (lowest) and the next number to the right in the global monthly search.


#4 Figure Out How You Want to Write About These Low Competition Keywords

So let me explain how I do this and why.

Keyword prominence -  why it’s important - I used to write about things like go and gold investing because that is what interests me the most and that is my topic of interest.

However, I know understand and realize that I have little chance of ranking !There are literally millions of websites and article I would be competing with.

So instead of writing about such a highly competition keyword, I now will blog about something related to gold – inflation. And I blog about low competition keywords related to inflation.

I like to choose keywords that generally have below 5,000 global searches per month and under .20 competition ranking.

 For instance, as you can see on this picture above some keywords I would want to consider include “inflation rate Australia” which has a .02 competition rating and 6,600 searches monthly – a little more than I want but not bad.

Two keywords I’ve already written about are Inflation Linked Bonds (.19, 8,100 searches) and inflation linked savings (.26, 480). They are not exactly perfect but close enough for me. I think I have a good shot of ranking high on Google for these keywords because my article is SEO focused and seems pretty decent.

It’s all about targeted keywords, using effective keywords and also optimal keyword density!

How to Learn about Keyword Research and SEO – Learn from Experts

There are many users right here on InfoBarrel who are much better at Keyword Research and SEO than I am.  There are also a ton of free YouTube videos and article you can read to help you learn the best keywords to target for blogging!

 Best YouTube Video on Keyword Research - Helped Me Out Tremendously

This video should be viewed by anyone right before they ever start blogging for passive income! I WISH I had seen it 1 year ago before I started, but I’m glad I did at least. I'm sure their are other but this is the one I found:

Studying Keyword Research Prominence

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts to Rank Higher on the Search Engines

Here is another great video. He teaches you the importance of building backlinks, something I’ve been really implemented in all of my articles.

Best Video on Backlinking?

Best Books on Keyword Research for Blogging and SEO for Blogging

Here are a couple of inexpensive books that I’ve read which also helped me out a good deal.

These books will REALLY get your juices flowing and excited about the potential to earn passive income from your blog posts!

Cheap Book on SEO and Blogging

 For god sakes, this book is just $1! Even though it’s only 31 pages long, it contains some of the most important info.  You need to building a very profitable niche blog.

There’s no “fluff” in this book – just the exact thigns you need to know about making money online from blogging. That’s why I really liked this book. Short but concise and informative!

Next Book – How to Build a Blog That Makes Money

This is another great kindle Ebook that is cheap ($2.99), but great and another book I wish I read right before I started blogging on InfoBarrel!

There are a number of ways you can make money from a blog – whether it’s GoogleAdsene or an affiliate website like Amazon – and the author tells you which ones work better than others and recommends specific ways to make money with your own blog.

I also really liked the examples he gives on how to promote your blog and blog posts after you are done writing them – that is also important! It doesn’t stop after you’ve written your blog post!

Ultimately, you want to grow your Blog to a FULL-TIME INCOME and I think the author makes a reasonable case on how you can do this – no nonsense, just practical tips and advice on making money.

Reviews that led me to buying this Ebook:

"Really straight forward, full of information and with great examples. It's all you need to make a great blog and money out of it. Because it starts with a fundamental point: "Create Value". And as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that money comes easy when you focus on creating value. “

“This book helped me make a plan for promoting my Kindle books. I was able to see the overall picture and put the pieces together in my mind and on paper, finally. “

Here it is below!


Best Book on Building a Blog for Money?

Other Great Books on Building Passive Income from Blogging

I write a lot on how to build multiple passive income streams. Do you know what passive income is?

Passive income is basically money you make that doesn’t require you to be there or your effort. This sounds to good to be true but it’s very possible.

You can make passive income in a number of ways – blogging is just one of them. The other examples of how to make a passive income include investing in real estate and stocks, investing in peer to peer lending, writing an Ebook and selling it on Amazon, creating an online business and hiring people to run it for you, etc.

There are so many different ways! The best thing you can do is learn - I’ve written about what I consider the best passive income books here. This is my favorite one below.

Best Passive Income Book?

I hope this article has at least inspired you to start earning some passive income from blogging online. You can even do that right here on InfoBarrel so get started now!

Thanks for reading this article on how I use the Google Keyword Research Tool to select low competition keywords for blogging!