For those of you who may not know, myLot is a social forum where members create posts, provide answers to the posts of other members, and keep up on community conversations. Some myLot members use the forum as a means of surveying what other members like or dislike; for example, a member might pose a question about what members think about their current jobs. Other myLot members might just use the site as a place to vent about their relationships or life situations. Some myLot members become really creative and use myLot to post chapters of their rough draft term papers, novels, etc., in the hopes that they will receive some valuable feedback.

Of course, one of the biggest draws about myLot is that the site pays its members to post. The earnings aren't much: as a general rule, a single 10-word posting will earn you about 1 penny. Longer postings may generate 2-3 cents a piece, while a 400 word article could pay about 25 cents. However, if you are just going to blog about your cat, why not at least make some money?

I first joined myLot in early 2007. I had not yet started writing content to online writing sites such as Constant Content, Info Barrel, or Textbroker. I had just heard of Associated Content and wasn't sure what was possible with that site. Thus, all I had to go on for earning potential was myLot.

I posted content to myLot diligently. Not a day went by that I didn't have at least 10 blog posts written or answered. I spent hours upon hours on myLot, posting massive replies, writing ingenious posts, and following hot discussions to boot.

The next day, I would check my myLot earnings to see if I'd made at least a dollar. Unfortunately, the highest earnings ever recorded by myLot for all my hard work were $0.53. Yes, a grand total of fifty-three cents!

I began to despair. At that point in time, I'd also noticed some myLot members posting huge posts. These posts were interspersed with news snippets taken from online newspapers and magazines, sections from other members' blogs, and other lifted content. It didn't appear that these posts were being penalized by myLot. Furthermore, the members who were positing these huge posts were also raving about how they were making $5-$10/day on myLot.

Something clicked: I would emulate these ingenious people by also posting huge myLot postings. I would fill my content with official news stories and announcements. And that is precisely what I did.

My myLot earnings started increasing immediately. Suddenly, for putting up just 10 posts, I was making over a buck. If I was really ambitious and posted huge replies to my own 10 huge posts, I'd make $2.50 or more. Some myLot members complained that I was not creating new information within my postings, but what could I do? For the first time in a long time, I'd made it to my monthly payout limit of $10 in record time.

I was informed by myLot that I would be receiving my monthly earnings by the following month. I waited for my payment…and waited. After 2 weeks went by, during which time I was still posting huge posts to myLot, I suddenly found myself unable to post.

I checked my myLot account and found that my account name and information had been completely erased. I immediately suspected that myLot had banned my account. However, if that was the case, what about all the other myLot members doing the same thing? It felt unfair. I had also never received payment for all my hard work up to that point.

I decided to set up a new account with myLot. I feared that maybe the site would not allow me to register an account using my old name and information, but surprisingly, it did. I now had a brand new account with myLot, sans past posting records or earnings.

While I did start posting again to myLot via my new account, I eventually gave up on the site. Somehow, working for pennies on the hour just did not appeal to me. I figured I was probably burning more money just on the electricity to run my computer than I was earning through myLot. Still, it was a good learning experience for me.