I had been overweight since I was in high school. By the time I turned 30 I was considered obese. I grew up in a household where food is plentiful. Like most parents, mine always made me eat everything on my plate. The habit of always eating everything on your plate became ingrained into my mindless ritual. As a habit I would always eat everything on my plate. The food on the plate is going to go to waste whether you eat it or not. I learned you should always eat slower and then you will get filled up faster. You should take smaller portions and also not ever feel you have to force yourself to eat simply because it is on the plate.

 I was tired of being overweight but when my father died of heart failure in the same way both of my grandfathers did I got scared because I knew I was going to have the same fate if I did not lose weight and begin eating healthier. My doctor told me I was going to die very young if I did not lose weight and begin getting some exercise. I went to a nutritionist the Doctor referred me to and she taught me how sugar is in everything now days, even in products that would not seem like it would have sugar added to it. I knew candy bars had sugars but I was shocked when I learned how much sugar was added to my favorite brand of beef jerky. I was an unhealthy person but I always felt like eating beef jerky was healthy for me; but I finally learned of all the sugar and unhealthy additives that are used to produce many brands of beef jerky.


Weight Loss(106956)My family would always, especially my mother, would buy me the occasional diet or exercise books. I always tossed them off to the side and never even skimmed through them. Once I decided to get motivated and lose the weight I needed to know what to do. I asked my Doctor what was the best method to use to lose weight. The Doctor told me to diet and exercise. He also said there were numerous books that would be available to me plus it office would give me a package on losing weight and eating healthy. I read all of the materials the Doctors gave me and then I began to read the many diet books I had accumulated. I read through several of the diet books and each one had conflicting information. One book told me to quit eating meat and another one told me to eat primarily meat and no bread!

I was very conflicted about which method was the right one so I called my Doctors office and asked the nurse the question. Later in the day the Doctor called me back on the phone and told me that it “really does not matter which diet you follow, as long as you pick one method only and continue following it.” I had seen my brother and mother continually trying a different diet seemingly every week. A new diet would become popular or someone my mother worked with would lose weight and then she would switch diets and start following the new one. I remember my mother once ate cabbage soup for 2 straight weeks.

Even doctors would give conflicting advice about which diets to follow, but I knew had to stay focused on only one method and not get distracted by the latest diet craze.

I ended up simply following the initial advice from my Doctor. I began exercising and eating a low fat and healthy diet. I learned a lot from my nutritionist who also was the primary source of motivating me to stick with the change of life eating habits I was developing.  Initially it was hard but now I look forward to my baked chicken breast and asparagus salad. The key to my massive weightless can be attributed directly towards me making a goal of losing weight, sticking to the goal, and not changing diet methods along the way. I finally succeeded and lost 178 pounds! If I can do it then so can you. Everyday people there are more people that are formerly overweight people.