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Starting today i am going to be writing articles about how I got to the top of google for money keywords for my business. I never thought I would let the 'cat out of the bag', but after much deliberation and many people asking me how i did this, i will begin by writing a tell-all ebook.

I am going to start writing articles, and revealing strategies bit by bit, hopefully encouraging viewers into buying my ebook.

Now lets get to the subject at hand. Where to begin? Lets start at the beginning shall we.

My name is Rick Martinez, I own multiple online and as well as brick and mortar business. but my main business is Sports Locker. We specialize in screen printing shirts and embroidery as well.

Before we continue, let me show you some quick proof about what i am talking about, so go ahead and do a quick google search for my services in my local area, for example:

Google 'screenprinting in mission tx' or 'embroidery in mission texas'

you will find my website sitting atop of google. In fact, not only am I on top but as you can see I dominate most of the page. Excited with this discovery i got to work on getting on page one of google for the next town over, Mcallen, which incidentally is one of the nations fastest growing areas. it took me around six months. But I finally got to number one again.

Go ahead and google for services I offer: for example: 'screen print in mcallen' or 'mcallen embroidery' and my website is number 1 again. I also did the same for my niche websites that rank very well for targeted money keywords. But I'll probably get to those in future articles.

So when I first tried my hand at online marketing was with a website. After 6 months of no traffic or no calls coming on behalf of my website, I almost gave up. I spent lots of time researching and with lots of time and money building the site thinking if I build it they will come. Boy was I wrong! I quickly realized that it takes lots of work. But through many trials and errors and researching and buying ebooks on the subject, i have streamlined the whole process down to a science.

I get excited when I talk about what I have mastered. Especially when it results in getting me lots more calls for my business. There are so many intricacies involved in getting a website atop of google for a specific money keyword. (money keyword is a set of keywords that people usually google when they are looking to buy a specific service and or product)

Here is a main formula I have come up with and swear by:

Website + Backlinks = Traffic Traffic = $$$.

To be continued...

P.S. I am currently working on a website dedicated for Small Business Internet Marketing, where i will also be selling the Ebook as well as backlinking services specifically for Small Business Domination

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