Jetpack is a free Wordpress plugin that has a whole suite of features that really helps you market and optimize your blog. Each and every one of these features would get a recommendation from me if they stood alone as a plugin, but the fact that they are all together in this one plugin makes jetpack a must-have for every blog.



This feature allows you to link a facebook and twitter profile to your blog and automatically share updates to those sites when you post new content.

Jetpack Comments

This is my favorite feature. One of the most important aspects of blogging is building a community. The main way readers interact with your blog is through comments, this plugin lets readers post comments by logging into their social media profiles or


This feature enables the most common way people like to interact with a blog, email subscriptions. You can add a simple widget to your sidebar that allows readers to subscribe and receive emails with each new article you post.

Post by Email

This feature allows you to send an email to your blog and automatically have the content posted to your blog.


Turning on this feature will add buttons at the bottom of every post that allows readers to easily share your content on facebook, twitter, reddit, and more. If you want your content to go viral, this is a must.

Contact Form

This feature allows you to easily add a contact form to any page or post. This allows people to contact you without giving away your personal email, and the submissions are even filtered for spam by Akismet if you have it enabled (Akismet is a default wordpress plugin). It gives readers a great way to submit feedback directly to you.

Widget Visibility

This feature is pretty awesome too. This allows you to define where you want individual widgets to show on your site from the widget setup page in the wordpress backend. For instance, you can make your categories page only show up on single posts, or have a search feature only available on the front page. shortlinks

It can seem really awkward to post a 106 character URL in a facebook post or especially a tweet. This feature allows you to get a shortlink that will have significantly fewer characters but will still link to the post you want.

Shortcode Embeds

Wordpress uses “shortcodes” to inject complex content into posts and pages through the standard editor. This feature allows you to use shortcodes to easily embed videos, images, slideshows, and other content from external sites with ease.

Twitter Feed Widget

This feature allows you to easily add your most recent tweets to the sidebar of your blog.

Mobile Theme

Gives your blog completely mobile optimized theme that is used whenever someone visits your site from a mobile device. With mobile traffic increasing so rapidly, this is a must-have for 2014.

Infinite Scroll

Have you ever been to a site that loaded more content after you scrolled to the bottom of it? that’s how infinite scroll works. This module allows your site to have this powerful usability feature.


Jetpack can also monitor your site’s downtime and email you as soon as downtime is detected. You will also be notified when the site is back up allowing you to monitor how long the site was down.

Enhanced Distribution

Jetpack will automatically share your blog and page content with third party services like search engines instantly. This will speed up the indexing process so you get SEO benefits faster, increasing your traffic and reach.