Money doesn't grow on trees and that is why it is so hard to get it. Fast cash in only a fantasy that many of us dream of. With all our expenses, our needs and wants we find ourselves devoted to making money. Unfortunately we also sometimes value people depending on how much they make. The average person in the U.S makes enough money to cover their family expenses and only a small bit of their wants if at all. Most people live from pay check to pay check and unable to save a dime. This makes you wonder how they manage if something comes up.

Finding yourself in an urgent situation where you need fast cash now isn't uncommon at all. Life is filled with surprises and unexpected dilemmas. I myself have had a few episodes where I went searching deep down into all the pants pockets in the house hoping to find something that was forgotten about. As years go by I have been less and less fortunate. When my kids were very young I would get very lucky sometimes and find a few larger bills in a shirt that I totally forgot about. Nowadays I'd be lucky to find large coins and small bills if anything.

I highly doubt that I am alone when it comes to this, so what do I do when I need cash fast? I take a loan from a close friend. This is when its good to have friends that are well off. I promise to pay them back of course as soon as I get my pay check. This means I would be in a deficit for the following week. It also means that to cover the deficit I have to make a very strict budget where I only get what is absolutely necessary to survive and to make the kids happy. I make lots of pop corn instead of getting them other snacks. Instead of going to the movies on the weekend I rent a CD for them. I replace juices with homemade lemonade.

Borrowing the money from a close friend is the best way for me to get cash fast. Doing this I make sure I keep my word and return the money on time even if they say they don't care. This builds the trust between you in case it has to happen again just like having good or bad credit. If you don't return the debt your friends will begin to ignore your calls in fear that you might ask for more money.