How I got ten free monster energy drinks

The Study Group

So it all started out when a couple of buddies of mine got together to study for some exams. We had all been friends for quite awhile, and always tried to get our classes together. This saved us money by being able to car pool when possible, and it was a great way for us all to hang out together. Some of us were really good about studying, and keep our grades up easily. While the rest of the group did like most students and put everything off until the last minute. Luckily, I am the type that likes to think ahead. So I decided to have a late night study session at my place. Everyone showed up with there sure fire ways to stay up coffee, red bull, 5 hour energy shots, and monster. All the usual suspects where there. We started talking about which one was the best and why. For the most part everyone preferred one or the other, and some people hated others but for the most part everyone could agree that everyone liked monster.

The Search

So I decided to do my part to have monsters on hand that people could reimburse me or I'd let them bum one. That's how we did things for awhile, and I soon realized that most people wanted at least two or three. The typical studier would show up grab a monster to start the night off, drink one half-way through the session, and take one for the drive home. So I started trying to find a way to buy monster by the case. Low and behold monster has it's own website.


I go to the site and sure enough you can buy monster by the case. I noticed it would be about the same for me to buy a case and have it shipped out then it would be for me to buy them from the local Walmart. So I thought my search was finished there, but then I started thinking about the new 24 ounce monsters. They were a little bigger and I was just curious how much it would be for a case of those. Unfortunately, the good people at Hansen don't sell the 24 ounce by the case to the general public. However, there was a number to call.

The Call

I didn't really have much else going on that day so I figured "what the heck", and I dialed the number. Someone picked up on the other line within two rings. I explained what I was looking for, and he transferred me to a very nice lady. She informed me that unfortunately unless I was a retailer that wanted to make a larger purchase she wouldn't be able to help me out, but she would send me some coupons for the regular monsters. I thanked her very much and gave her my address, and a few short days later I received not 2 or 3 coupons but 10 coupons for free monsters a few sticker sheets some and some lanyards. Needless to say I will continue to be a loyal customer of the monster brand for years to come. These guys and gals are just plain swell.