How to make your first sale online

If you're a struggling affiliate or infopreneur, and you have yet to make your first sale online. Here's my own personal story that I'd like to share with you about how I made my first sale.

It took a whole lot of work and the results were small compared to the efforts I put in but here is how I made my first sale.

There was an article I read about how to make your first sale as an affiliate a long time ago. I found it by googling "how to make your first sale online". It was written on the clickbank's blog and it was really interesting. Their whole approach revolved around building a little mini niche site and using SEO to get your site to rank high on google. They said that sales would start trickling in using that approach.

I did exactly what they said I should do. It didn't work quite as they said it would work but I still managed to make my first sale. For example, no matter how hard I tried doing exactly what they recommended, I couldn't get my site to rank well on google at all. I don't know why.

If I couldn't get my site to rank well, how did I still get my first sale online? Well, it's pretty simple. One of the tactics they recommended was to build backlinks through writing articles and posting those articles on sites like and along with another article directory I cannot remember right now. Well, those backlinks didn't have much of an effect on my ranking but they did drive just enough traffic to my 1 page blog to lead to my first sale.

Believe me when I say that it feels really good to make your first sale online. What's the lesson I want to share with you about my experience? Well, the thing is I believe I was aiming way too low. It took me weeks, maybe even months to make that first sale and I was working at it for hours and hours every single day. It just wasn't worth the effort. Although it does boost your confidence to make your first sale, the efforts you put in following this approach are just not worth it.

What's the alternative then? Well, it was way easier for me to make my second sale online after I was following a completely different strategy. I recommend this second strategy to you if you'd like to make an easy first sale online. First, go to and find a product in the marketplace called Mobile Monopoly. Sign up as an affiliate with them and go to their affiliate resources page. There, you will learn a youtube technique of affiliate marketing that made me my second sale in just a couple of days instead of weeks and months. It's a lot faster and I do believe there is quite some money to be made using that strategy.

Come to think of it, I'll have to make a mental note to come back to that approach to affiliate marketing in the future because it was really effective.

Do I still do affiliate marketing? No, I do not. Right now, my focus is on writing articles for Infobarrel(that's the site you're on right now). Infobarrel is a revenue-sharing website that allows you to make money with content that you right. It won't make you rich over night but it will teach you a lot of important skills that you could use for future online marketing ventures like SEO for instance.

If you're interested in writing for infobarrel like I do and start making some money online, check out my signature under my name(Chris Matthews) to find out how to sign up.

Also, if you decide to sign up as a writer for infobarrel, there's one ebook I highly recommend you get about writing for infobarrel to make a lot of money written by 2 of the best infobarrel writers. The ebook is called Infobarrel Success and it's perfect for anyone who is interested in making passive income online. Highly recommended.

If you're into affiliate marketing though, here is my main suggestion: stop going after one-off sales and look for recurring billing affiliate programs because it will multiply your efforts. If you go after recurring billing affiliate programs, you will make money month after month for quite some time for making a sale just once. It's way better than putting so much time and effort into selling something and then losing that customer forevermore. My second piece of advice is that you should be building an e-mail list if you want to make real money as an affiliate marketer. You can use a free service like to get started and it's really going to multiply your marketing efforts even more.

Where can you find recurring billing affiliate programs? Well, I looked through clickbank and most of the recurring programs I've found there seemed a little too shady for me. There is one in particular though that I kind of liked, it's called the 11 Forgotten Laws. It's from Bob Proctor(from the Secret) and because it's from such a reputable guy, I highly recommend it to anyone new to recurring affiliate programs.

I have an even better recurring billing affiliate program for you though. It's SiteSell(or sitebuildit). You can find it at Sitesell is basically an all-in-one system for building an online business and it's just got a really good reputation. I'd be proud to affiliate myself with them and you should be too. Plus, their affiliate program training and benefits are really really great.

That's one of the problems with affiliate marketing. You have to be very selective when it comes to the products you want to associate your name to. Remember that as an affiliate marketing, you should be trying to be a brand and a name for yourself and it's so easy to lose face fast by promoting the wrong product. There's a lot of shadiness when it comes to the products I've found on and that's why I'd recommend the affiliate program as a good starting point for newbies. Remember, if you do sign up with them as an affiliate, I hope you don't think it's necessary to buy sitesell for yourself in order to promote it. You just don't need to unless you really want to. If you get good at promoting it though, it may be a good idea to get a copy of this all-in-one solution for yourself so you can better promote it better.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it has helped you in some way.

Signing off.