How I did it!

When I reached 214 pounds I knew I had to do something about my weight. I joined Weight Watchers and lost 7 pounds in my first week. Weight Watchers is a good diet program since it has support and it is easy to follow. By doing the food journal I quickly found out from trial and error which foods I could and couldn't eat.The points system is much easier than counting calories. I lost 34 pounds while on weight watchers. I then hit a plateau in my weight loss so I decided to try the South Beach diet.

I was riding my bike for exercise.I successfully lost 28 pounds on the South Beach Diet.This weight loss got me back to my ideal weight range.  Everything in the South Beach diet is low in sugar which is the one thing that will make you fat.With South Beach you go with out beard or cereal for the first two weeks.You then phase them back in to your diet. I decided to add muscle after reading the Ab's diet.Every pound of muscle you add burns 50 calories per hour. I think doing that helped me in my weight loss.I maintained my weight loss for about 4 years. I then lost my job when my employer went bankrupt in 2008. I regained some weight at that point.I then looked at both Weight watchers and the South Beach Diet again and noticed that they both had incorporated walking into their diets. I begun walking once a day and felt in much better shape in a very short time.

My new job was very physical so I lost weight. I was riding my bike to work every day and that surely assisted me in losing weight. I went on to lost 3 inches in about 4 months.So I was successful in losing all the weight I regained plus even more.I have lost over 100 pounds and 6 inches in my waist since I started my weight loss.All is good now.I am now where I want to be weight wise. I recommend all the diets I mentioned in this article. Exercise and follow a sensible diet and you will lose weight.Exercise is mood enhancing and will help you extend your life warranty.Make exercise a part of your daily routine.I hope this information will be of help to you.Take care.