How do you you use Facebook? Most people hop on Facebook at least once a day. Many people practically live on there. I can remember far too many times when i post a comment, and am about to move on to something else not only is the comment liked but it has been replied to. People use Facebook to keep up with friends and family, but that's not the only thing people do on Facebook. If you have ever looked up at the clock and wondered where did the hours go than this article is for you. Also, if you can't understand how people stay on Facebook all day and don't realize it than this article is also for you.

One great thing about Facebook is you can have fun! That is built directly into Facebook's design. Sometimes that can be readily apparent with all of the games in there like mafia, farm town, and knighthood games. These games are designed to give you a cheap thrill while keeping you online. It is also great fun to talk to your friends all day, and see what they are up to at all hours.  These games keep being more and more challenging as the days go by, and you build up more and more success.

Another great thing about Facebook is you can feel connected to people even when you are not anymore. It's like when you take out old yearbooks and wonder what those people are up to, and now you know. You can be a harmless Facebook stalker. You can figure out what your friends have been doing since high school, and still feel connected to them by checking out all of their photos. 

Also you can put Facebook to work for you by using it to network with important people. So many companies use Facebook to launch products, and get the word out.  Facebook has millions of users and growing, that's more than some countries. Getting an in with an important person can be as simple as sending a friend request.  Also, people that do follow you might be more inclined to click on your links, and buy your products because they feel like they know you.